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#PoliceState<\/a> Hong Kong Customs officers suspected of framing an Indian youth <\/b>On January 14, 2022, an Instagram user, named \u201cazmat_karavan,\u201d claimed he witnessed how officers from the Hong Kong Customs & Excise Department (C&ED) \u201cframed an ethnic minority youth\u201d in Hong Kong.According to the post, the witness saw an \u201cundercover agent\u201d, who was carrying a cardboard box, approach an individual, whom he described as a South Asian man and asked him to sign for the items.The witness said the man \u2014 reportedly named Ashuk Kumar \u2014 responded by saying the goods did not belong to him and said he did not want to receive the parcel. But he eventually signed for the box after the parcel holder kept asking for his signature \u2014 shortly afterwards, a group of customs officers emerged and arrested the man.In a nine-minute video, a group of plainclothes officers, who said they were from Customs, appeared to surround an ethnic-minority man on Pei Ho Street in Sham Shui Po.In a statement from the C&ED released a day later, Customs \u201cimmediately conducted a surveillance operation on the delivery and arrested a 34-year-old male consignee under the Trade Descriptions Ordinance\u201d \u201cto combat the sale of counterfeit goods\u201d, stressing that \u201call operations are conducted with fairness, impartiality and professionalism based on facts and evidence\u201d and denouncing \u201cany such irresponsible remarks regarding the allegation of so-called "planting of evidence" by Customs posted on social media platform\u201d.Sources: InMediaHK; HK Free Press; Statement from Customs #Jan15<\/a>https:\/\/bit.ly\/324uJWK<\/a>https:\/\/hongkongfp.com\/2022\/01\/17\/hong-kong-customs-condemn-unfounded-rumours-over-planting-of-evidence-on-southeast-asian-man\/<\/a>https:\/\/www.info.gov.hk\/gia\/general\/202201\/15\/P2022011500452.htm<\/a>#Framing<\/a> #Plotting<\/a> #Customs<\/a> #Discrimination<\/a> #EthnicMinorities<\/a><\/div>\n\n <\/i>\n