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#Interpol<\/a>Emirati general accused of torture, Chinese official win key Interpol posts<\/b>A senior UAE security official accused of torture has been elected president of global police agency Interpol, prompting concern from legal experts, human rights advocates and his alleged victims.Critics are outraged by the election result. The campaign group Human Rights Watch's Gulf researcher, #HibaZayadin<\/a>, called it "a sad day for human rights and the rule of law worldwide". She said the general was "a representative of arguably the most authoritarian government in the Gulf, one that equates peaceful dissent with terrorism".Besides, China\u2019s Hu Binchen was elected to the interpol Executive Committee. His candidacy was opposed by MPs of the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (#IPAC<\/a>)who are part of a global alliance representing democratic countries and who say his election would give Beijing the green light to misuse the agency; in particular the Red Notices issued for arrests of wanted fugitives.\u201cHu\u2019s election gives the PRC government a green light to continue using interpol as a vehicle for its repressive policies globally and places thousands of Hong Konger, Uyghur, Tibetan, Taiwanese and Chinese dissidents living abroad at even graver risk,\u201d the IPAC statement read.Hu is a deputy general in China\u2019s Ministry of Public Security which oversees policing. 50 parliamentarians from 20 countries called on national governments to ensure Hu was not elected.#HumanRights<\/a> #China<\/a> #UEA<\/a> #RedNotice<\/a> #CCP<\/a>Source: Stand News, BBC, the Guardian; #Nov25<\/a>https:\/\/thestandnews.page.link\/333wZMHyphu3h2vj9<\/a><\/div>\n\n