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[First Year of National Security Law. Interview] After More than 7 Months of Remand, "Captain America 2.0" MA Chun Man Changed from Persistent to Letting Go<\/b>Translated by the Guardians of Hong Kong - Oct 12, 2021 \u2022 1 November 2021As winter winds down and summer heats up, MA Chun Man, Captain America 2.0, has been in custody for more than seven months since last year. He was charged with inciting others of secession and allegedly violating National Security Law (NSL) of Hong Kong, denied bail twice, his trial delayed until end of September this year.Read our fully translated article here:https:\/\/telegra.ph\/First-Year-of-National-Security-Law-Interview-After-More-than-7-Months-of-Remand-Captain-America-20-MA-Chun-Man-Changed-from-Per-11-01<\/a>Source:  The Stand News #Jun30<\/a>Author: CHIU Yuen ChingPhotos and art design: Joey Hardaway#NSL<\/a> #MaChunMan<\/a> #CaptainAmerica2<\/a> #FirstYearOfNSL<\/a>https:\/\/bit.ly\/3pVtYZO<\/a><\/div>\n\n