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Greta Thunberg and China bump heads over emissions<\/b>Greta Thunberg has made an enemy out of China which says she is uneducated and prone to being \u201cmanipulated\u201d after the activist said climate change can\u2019t be solved unless Beijing makes a drastic course correction on emissions.\u201cThunberg, who at age 15 started skipping school on Fridays for her climate protests, is merely 18 years old this year,\u201d Chinese propaganda mouthpiece the Global Times said.\u201cShe is short of sufficient academic knowledge study, and lack of sound self-judgment capability. \u201cGirl like her is prone to be affected or even manipulated by some political forces.Source: Sky News Australia #May11<\/a>https:\/\/www.skynews.com.au\/details\/_6253586885001<\/a> #GretaThunberg<\/a> #China<\/a> #Beijing<\/a> #Twitter<\/a><\/div>\n\n