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Chinese \u2018spy\u2019 aided Congressional Democrats, slept with politicians to gain influence, anonymous US officials claim<\/b>A Chinese student slept with two Midwest mayors and cultivated California Democrats while allegedly spying for Beijing, an Axios report said, even as a Beijing professor boasted on video about having \u2018people at the top\u2019 in the US.Between 2011 when she came to the US as a student and her abrupt and unexplained departure in mid-2015, Christine Fang worked her way into the confidences of a number of prominent Democrats in the San Francisco Bay Area, Axios reported on Monday. Fang appeared in photos alongside Judy Chu, Mike Honda, Ro Khanna, and Eric Swalwell \u2013 an Intelligence Committee member who rose to prominence by championing the \u2018Russiagate\u2019 conspiracy theory against President Donald Trump.Source: RT international #Dec08<\/a>https:\/\/www.rt.com\/usa\/509068-chinese-spy-democrats-swalwell\/<\/a>#China<\/a> #US<\/a> #Spy<\/a> #Beijing<\/a><\/div>\n\n