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Trudeau government threatens Halifax Security Forum over proposed Taiwan award<\/b>The organizers of one of the world\u2019s most prestigious defense gatherings are in the midst of an uncomfortable international standoff between the Canadian government and China over a major award they had planned to give to the president of Taiwan.The standstill, which is ongoing and has not been previously reported, has created tension between the Halifax International Security Forum and the Canadian government, which is a major sponsor of the forum.Late last year, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter, the forum\u2019s organizers decided to give its John McCain Prize for Leadership in Public Service to Tsai Ing-wen, the president of Taiwan. Cindy McCain, a member of the forum\u2019s board of directors, greenlit the decision to honor Tsai with the prize named after her late husband.Source: Politico #Apr11<\/a>https:\/\/www.politico.com\/news\/2021\/04\/11\/trudeau-hailfax-security-forum-taiwan-480722<\/a>#Canadian<\/a> #China<\/a> #Taiwan<\/a><\/div>\n\n