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Myanmar protesters accuse China of backing coup plotters<\/b>Activists allege Beijing setting up \u2018great firewall\u2019 and call for boycott of Chinese products.Since a week ago, Myanmar social media has been alight with rumours after a series of cargo flights confirmed by flight tracker websites from the Chinese city of Kunming landed in Yangon when the country\u2019s airspace was restricted.Protesters have speculated that the flights contained internet-blocking information technology software, or Chinese soldiers.Anti-coup demonstrators have massed outside the Chinese embassy in Yangon over the past week, holding placards attacking Beijing or showing President Xi Jinping dangling senior General Min Aung Hlaing, the junta chief, by marionette strings. Source: FT #Feb17<\/a>https:\/\/www.ft.com\/content\/43e6ecfe-081a-4390-aa18-154ec87ff764<\/a>#MyanmarCoup<\/a> #ChinaBackMyanmarCoup<\/a> #ChinaFireWall<\/a><\/div>\n\n