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\ud83d\udce1<\/b><\/i>Guardians of Hong Kong<\/span><\/a><\/div>\n\n\n\n
#Refugee<\/a> #PoliticalAsylum<\/a> Pro-democracy protesters left Hong Kong: fear for unfair trial and growing oppression<\/b>As in 2021, tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters involved in anti-ELAB movement has been arrested and many have been put behind bars in Hong Kong. Since the Chinese Government tightened their grip in Hong Kong through imposition of #NationalSecurityLaw<\/a> in 2020, many pro-democracy Hongkongers attempted to flee the city to Taiwan, among them were the 12 youths arrested by Chinese authorities in August 2020. Ten of them faced prison sentence on charges of illegally crossing border, while two minors were sent back to Hong Kong for trial. Apple Daily revealed that five other protesters successfully fled to Taiwan in 2020. With assistance from many people in the United States and #Taiwan<\/a>, they arrived in the #US<\/a> in mid-January 2021 and are planning to seek political asylum. One of them told the newspaper in an interview that there will no longer be fair trial in Hong Kong after the National Security Law takes effect. Fear of oppression and arrest, he set foot on an one-way journey to leave Hong Kong. Source: Apple Daily, #Jan16<\/a> https:\/\/hk.appledaily.com\/local\/20210116\/KJMWCEW7LRE7FH45CMXPNJENKA\/<\/a>#Totalitarianism<\/a> #Regime<\/a> #PoliceState<\/a><\/div>\n\n <\/i>\n