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I left Hong Kong for London so I could tell Britain the truth about China: #NathanLaw<\/a><\/b>Due to the implementation of the national security law, Nathan Law, who is the first lawmaker and the youngest elected in history in Hong Kong to exile, decided to flee. The departure of a prominent activist signalled that something very wrong had happened in the city. My story was broadcast globally, raising awareness about Hong Kong\u2019s plight. But people wonder: why London, not New York, not Washington DC? When the US moved towards \u201cdecoupling\u201d in 2018, the CCP\u2019s attention switched rapidly to the EU. The US has adopted an assertive approach to China and positioning it as one of the country\u2019s greatest enemies. This is not the case in the UK and EU; that consensus needs to be built.This is the reason why I boarded a plane destined for London and stayed here to be a political refugee.Source: The Guardian #Dec21<\/a>https:\/\/www.theguardian.com\/commentisfree\/2020\/dec\/21\/hong-kong-london-uk-eu-china-asulum<\/a>#HongKong<\/a> #NathanLaw<\/a> #HKLawmakerExile<\/a> #UK<\/a> #EU<\/a><\/div>\n\n \n