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CCP Has Infiltrated All Walks of Life in UK, with HSBC and Standard Chartered Employing Over 600 Party Members<\/b>British media raises concerns about the China Communist Party (CCP) placing their members in foreign countries. Following the concern of the US intelligence on infiltration to US Democratic Party members by a Chinese spy, the British's Mail on Sunday claimed to have obtained nearly 2 million CCP members\u2019 details, revealing that many of them are working in British academia and also in wide variation of industries, involving 79 thousand companies and their branches, such as HSBC, vaccine manufacturer Pfizer and AstraZeneca. Some of them even work in the British consulates, raising suspicions of espionage. The Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC) issued a short statement, describe the findings as disturbing. Some Australian parliament members have called on the government to find out whether CCP spies are infiltrating the Australian system.A large amount of CCP member in HSBC, Standard Chartered, Pfizer and AstraZenecaThe Mail on Sunday reported that information on 1.95 million suspected CCP members, including their names, date of births, addresses and phone numbers, was circulated on Telegram. In September, a Chinese dissident forwarded this information to IPAC, which composed of cross-parties European and American parliamentarians. The Mail on Sunday recently analysed the data, finding that HSBC and Standard Chartered together employed more than 600 CCP members in the UK in 2016. It also reported that these two banks have long been criticised for their stance on dissidents issues in Hong Kong. Moreover, CCP members are also found to be employed in the defence industry including Boeing, Airbus, and Rolls-Royce. As for the pharmaceutical industry, Pfizer and AstraZeneca alone have already employed 123 CCP members.The Mail on Sunday also discovered that many CCP members are working in foreign diplomatic organisations in China via a company called "The Shanghai Foreign Agency Service Corporation", which has a Chinese official background, and at least 249 CCP members were registered with the agency in 2016. The CCP also infiltrated into academics, that according to the British policy, overseas students not from the EU or the Five Eyes network are required to have an Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) certificate to enter. But it was found that some of the CCP members have been senior researchers in the UK top universities, participating in sensitive subject such as aerospace engineering.#China<\/a> #CCP<\/a> #Infiltration<\/a> #IPAC<\/a> #MailOnSunday<\/a> #Telegram<\/a> #CCPmember<\/a> #HSBC<\/a> #StandardChartered<\/a> #Pfizer<\/a> #AstraZeneca<\/a> #UK<\/a> #Britain<\/a> #ShanghaiForeignAgencyServiceCorporation<\/a> #Spies<\/a> Source: Apple Daily #Dec13<\/a>https:\/\/hk.appledaily.com\/international\/20201213\/TZECVNNCEVCIHGYN7RCR5V5CRY\/<\/a><\/div>\n\n <\/i>\n