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#Injustice<\/a> #CCPLaw<\/a> #Doxxing<\/a>Chinese Human Rights Lawyers Harrassed and Threatened by CCP <\/b>The Sichuan based Chinese #HumanRightsLawyer<\/a> #LuSiWei<\/a> told Apple Daily that he was being followed by four black-clad men in China since a few days ago. On January 10, 2021, outside of his residence, his handphone was snatched by another unknown man who subsequently, threw his phone on the ground and ran away. Lu immediately reported the case to a nearby police station. Lu suspected that these unknown men have been sent by the Chinese police, and that one of the men is a government worker in his district. He alleged that the incident was connected to his involvement in 'politically sensitive' cases which recently led to revocation of his license. Calling it an \u201cold fashioned harassment\u201d, Lu condemned the series of incidents a serious threat to his personal freedom. Lu was appointed by the family members of Quinn Moon, one of the 12 Hongkongers whose boat was intercepted by mainland Chinese authorities during a reported ill-fated flee to Taiwan in August 2020#Save12HongKongYouths<\/a>Source: Apple Daily, #Jan10<\/a>https:\/\/bit.ly\/3nxP5fC<\/a>=====Related articleCCP Revokes Human Rights Lawyers' Licence Reportedly for Helping the 12 Pro-democracy Hongkongershttps:\/\/t.me\/guardiansofhongkong\/27918<\/a><\/div>\n\n <\/i>\n