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A CUHK student fled to Germany has a message to protesters, \u201cTake care of yourselves, fight in your own way.\u201d<\/b>A 22-year-old female CUHK student shared her exile experiences in Germany and her tough time, staying away from family and suffering from the sexual assault in refugee camp. Although she is eligible for a three-year residency permit in Germany, she feels conflicted while thinking of other protestors still in Hong Kong. She hopes the German government can simplify the procedures of applying asylum for Hongkongers in the future and emulate the other counties in launching \u201clifeboat schemes\u201d. \u201cPrepare for the worst, hope for the best,\u201d she tells other protestors. Source: Standnews<\/a> #Oct21<\/a>#CUHK<\/a> #German<\/a> #SexualAssault<\/a> #RefugeeCamp<\/a>https:\/\/telegra.ph\/CUHK-student-living-in-exile-in-Germany-braving-the-harsh-winter-seeking-Wi-Fi-to-call-her-parents-reminded-of-tear-gas-by-firew-11-28<\/a><\/div>\n\n