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#FailedState<\/a> #Education<\/a> New #HKU<\/a> Pro-Vice-Chancellor Candidate is Reportedly a Chinese Communist Party Member, Lawmaker Challenges Hiring of Mainland Chinese Scholars a Practice of Cronyism<\/b> On Oct 22, 2020, it was reported that the Selection Committee led by the University of Hong Kong president Zhang Xiang recommended 2 candidates from Tsinghua University to be the pro-vice-chancellors (university deputy heads) for this oldest university in Hong Kong: Shen Zuojun (\u7533\u4f5c\u8ecd) was nominated to head research while Gong Peng (\u5bae\u9d6c) for academic development. This will be the first time a Mainland Chinese scholar will become a pro-vice-chancellor at the University of Hong Kong.Shen specializes in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. He was also the chief scientist of the intelligent supply chain of JD.com<\/a>, China's online shopping platform. According to the website of Tsinghua University's Department of Industrial Engineering, Shen is a Committee member of the Chinese Communist Party (#CCP<\/a>) representing the Engineering Department. Following a media inquiry, Shen\u2019s name as a CCP committee member was removed.In Hong Kong, Yip Kin-yuen, a lawmaker representing the Education sector told reporter that the appointment, once confirmed, means that three of the top management team of HKU have all worked in the University of California, Berkeley before. Yip described it an \u201cextremely rare situation\u201d and casted doubt that \u201ccould it be a practice of cronyism?\u201d Source: HK Citizens News<\/a> #Oct23<\/a>#CulturalRevolution<\/a> #CCPControl<\/a><\/div>\n\n