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HSBC Reportedly Stops Posting on Social Media amid Scandals to Avoid Criticism <\/b>Having recently been implicated in such scandals as potentially being named in China\u2019s list of unreliable entities, according to state media, and having processed funds associated with a Ponzi scheme, HSBC Holdings (0005) has instructed its employees to stop actively posting on social media platforms other than to respond to customer inquiries to avoid criticisms, says Bloomberg.Bloomberg quoted an internal memo from Tricia Weener, marketing head of the bank\u2019s global commercial and investment banking section, as saying that in view of the recent news, the bank had decided to stop actively posting on social media other than to address customer inquiries. This was to avoid the negative reactions, she explained. The ban was to last until 11 am UK time, 22 September for the moment.HSBC has dozens of social media accounts across the globe, providing information on financial services and promoting its products. In June 2020, a photo was uploaded to the bank\u2019s WeChat account showing its vice chairman and CEO Peter Wong Tung-shun signing a petition in support of the Hong Kong national security law at a booth on the streets. The photo has since caused controversy.Source: Stand News #Sep22<\/a>#HSBC<\/a> #China<\/a> #SocialMedia<\/a> #Finance<\/a>https:\/\/bit.ly\/2GcCheB<\/a><\/div>\n\n <\/i>\n