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#ThinlyVeiledThreat<\/a> #AsiasFinest<\/a>Does HK Police want to throw Apple Daily out the window?<\/b>On Sept 24, 2020, Hong Kong Police published on Facebook a comic about being precautious of telephone scams. In the graphic, the apple is thrown out the window for giving wrong answer. The shape of the apple bears similarity with Apple Daily' icon, which many believes to be a clear allusion to Apple Daily. Many netizens left a message criticising the police for instigating violence and advocating hatred.Famous Hong Kong pundit and media personality Stephen Shiu Yeuk Yuen commented on Twitter that the Police should spend more time advancing their knowledge rather than arresting political activists such as Joshua Wong, as they had misinterpreted what the meme is about.Source: Stand News; Stephen Shiu Yeuk Yuen's Twitter Account #Sept24<\/a>Further Reading:Know Your Meme: Boardroom Suggestionhttps:\/\/knowyourmeme.com\/memes\/boardroom-suggestion<\/a>#AppleDaily<\/a> #PoliceState<\/a> #FreedomOfPress<\/a> #WhiteTerror<\/a><\/div>\n\n