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#Education<\/a> #Indoctrination<\/a> #NationalSecurityLaw<\/a>Authorities Demand All Schools to Implement National Security Education<\/b>The Education Bureau in Hong Kong issued a notice to all schools including kindergartens, primary, secondary and special schools, to "remind" them that they have to let staffs and students "at the appropriate time" understand the National Security Law.According to the notice, National Security Education included helping students to understand China as well as the relationship between China and Hong Kong "correctly", reinforcing students' identification. All these are deemed "the basic responsibilities of schools". The Education Bureau will provide support and recommendation by "visiting schools" and "developing teachers' learning circle". More detailed guidelines will be released as quickly as possible concerning how to improve students' awareness of national security and obedience in school management and studies' activities.Source: Stand News<\/a> #Jul4<\/a><\/div>\n\n