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Arrested Japanese photographer returned to Hong Kong as required by the police to report, but refused entry and deported

(14 Sep) Mr. A (pseudonym), a Japanese photographer in his 40s, was arrested on a street in Wan Chai on 31 August last year. At the end of the year, he complied with the regulations and came to Hong Kong to report for the third time. He was refused entry for no reason and was immediately repatriated, with no way of knowing the progress of the case, and even more afraid of being "dispossessed" as a wanted criminal.

The case did not get prosecuted due to insufficient evidence, the police confirmed as they received an inquiry from Apple Daily. The Immigration Department stated that it would not comment on individual cases.

Born in the most influential era of Hong Kong culture in the last century, Mr. A's impression of Hong Kong has always been illusory in Jackie Chan's movies. Until the Umbrella Movement in 2014, when students stayed on the streets around the clock, which made him pay attention to the process of Hongkonger's striving for democracy.

"Everyone is peaceful, not as fierce as shown in the news." When really stepping on the scene of the demonstration, Mr. A believed that the real situation was very different from the news footage. Most of the time the demonstrators just expressed their demands rationally. During police suppression, they didn't know each other but could move forward and retreat together in a tacit understanding. "It is hard to imagine something like this happens in Japan."

Having personally experienced police violence, Mr. A witnessed that the force used by the Hong Kong police was disproportionate to the peaceful behavior of the demonstrators. During his arrest, he also saw many arrested persons beaten up in blood. He felt that the road to democracy in Hong Kong was not simple. He then compiled his own arrest process, together with graffiti photos taken during his visit to Hong Kong, into a book, which was written in English, Japanese, and Cantonese as "Hong Kong political graffiti & buff ~ 2019年夏 香港民主化デモ 逮捕された記録~". It has been published and put on shelves in local bookstores in Tokyo and Shizuoka, hoping to let more Japanese understand how Hongkongers fight for democracy, so as to support every other person on the road to freedom.

When he was asked if the photo collection would be sold in Hong Kong, he said that he was not sure whether the work violated the "Hong Kong version of the National Security Law" or not, so he needed to seek further legal advice. He also said with a bitter smile: "Whether I can enter Hong Kong again or not is still a question."

Source: Apple Daily
Translated by: Hong Kong Echo

#Japan #Japanese #Photographer #PoliceBrutality #PoliceState #NationalSecurityLaw
#Protester #Letter

Letter from a fellow female protester

Please read carefully and take her words seriously.

The author of the letter below has safely fled to another country.

Special thanks to our sister for reminding Hongkongers to stay angry against the corrupted cops. We keep hearing this kind of sexual abuse time after time!

The content of the letter is as follows. [Note: younger protestors sometimes call older protesters “parents”]

Dear Parents and the Hong Kong Book of Freedom,

I am so sorry. Even after you have paid my tuition fees, I still decided to flee. As I was arrested by the police at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) during the protest on 1 October 2019, I now have no choice but to leave. My dear parents, I am so sorry to have wasted your well-intended efforts and kindness. I will pay it back after settling down in my new surroundings. But I want to mention one last thing. While I was under police custody, several police officers touched my breasts and even brazenly commented about how “it felt great”. This took place at a car park about 10 minutes’ walk from the location I was arrested in Tsuen Wan. My head was covered in a black cloth at the time and I dared not make any sound. I am sorry. While I am reluctant to mention it again, I believe there are more victims. I hope other Hongkongers can avenge for me. May glory be to Hong Kong.

“Liber___ Hong Kong. The revolu___ of our time”

A university student

Credit: the Hong Kong Book of Freedom

Anger as Chinese Foreign Minister Threatens Czech Senate President: Scholar Says Czechs Are “Standing up to CCP’s Hooliganism”

Source: Apple Daily #Sep01

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Anger as Chinese Foreign Minister Threatens Czech Senate President: Scholar Says Czechs Are “Standing up to CCP’s Hooliganism”

China’s foreign minister Huang Yi said earlier that Miloš Vystrčil, the Czech senate president who visited Taiwan, will “pay a heavy price”. Noting such rare strong responses from the Czechs as summoning the Chinese ambassador, Czech scholar Filip Jirous said China had crossed the line and the Czechs are “standing up to CCP’s hooliganism”. Whether the Czechs’ relations with China will worsen depends on what China is up to and its next step.

In an interview with a Czech media organization on 31 August, Vystrčil criticized Huang for meddling with the Czech Republic’s internal affairs and said his comments were regrettable. Vystrčil stressed that the Czech Republic is a sovereign nation committed to developing good relations other countries. In leading a delegation to Taiwan, he aimed to foster cooperation between the two democracies and create good conditions for the Czech economy to grow. Vystrčil said also that Huang’s comments reminded him of the threatening letter sent to his late predecessor Jaroslav Kubera.

Kubera was scheduled to visit Taiwan in February, only to die a sudden death before the trip. In Vystrčil’s speech at National Chengchi University on the afternoon of 31 August, he mentioned that Kubera was planning on a visit to Taiwan but was pressured to call it off by the Chinese embassy and top-level Czech officials.

The pro-Beijing Czech president Miloš Zeman is strongly opposed to Kubera’s and Vystrčil’s visits to Taiwan. Meanwhile, the Czech foreign ministry summoned the China ambassador Zhang Jianwen on 31 August to protest against China’s unusually strong comment.

Source: Apple Daily #Sep01

#Czech #Taiwan #China #Vystrcil #Kubera #Zeman #Diplomacy

French Foreign Ministry Backs Czech Republic, Canada’s Opposition Leader Vows to Stand up to China as PM

Source: Apple Daily #Sep02

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French Foreign Ministry Backs Czech Republic, Canada’s Opposition Leader Vows to Stand up to China as PM

The French government has issued a statement in support of the Czech Republic and called out on China for threatening the Czech senate president Miloš Vystrčil, who had recently led a delegation to Taiwan.

Le Figaro and Agence France-Presse (AFP) quoted Agnes von der Muhll, spokesperson for the French foreign ministry, as saying that “Europe’s relations with China must be founded on dialogues, reciprocity and mutual respect, all of which are crucial to fostering a deeper partnership.” “With that in mind,” she continued, “any threat to an EU member state would be unacceptable. We express our support for the Czech Republic.”

Earlier, China’s foreign minister Wang Yi lambasted Vystrčil's visit to Taiwan as being “provocation” and said the Czech statesman will have to “pay a high price for his short-sightedness and political opportunism.” The Czech foreign ministry responded by saying that Wang’s comment went “too far” and summoned the Chinese ambassador to Prague for an explanation.

Meanwhile in Canada, the new leader of the Conservative Party and a contender in the next prime minister election Erin O’Toole wrote to the National Post, outlining his China policy. He said he is ready to confront China, citing his repeated demands for the Canadian government to speak up for Hong Kong and Taiwan, both of which have been targeted by the Chinese communist regime. The 47-year-old O’Toole vowed to stand up to China as prime minister.

Source: Apple Daily #Sep02

#France #Czech #Canada #Taiwan #China #Vystrcil #ErinOToole #WangYi #Diplomacy

Pompeo: Chinese Diplomats Banned from Visiting US Unis or Meeting US Officials Without Authorization

Source: Stand News #Sep03

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Pompeo: Chinese Diplomats Banned from Visiting US Unis or Meeting US Officials Without Authorization

The US state secretary Mike Pompeo has issued a statement announcing that Chinese diplomats will need the US state department’s permission to visit American universities or meet with American officials. The statement said also that if the Chinese embassy or a Chinese consulate wishes to host a cultural event with more than 50 participants outside of its property, approval from the state department will also be needed. Pompeo added that the state department will take actions to ensure all the Chinese diplomatic missions’ official social media accounts are correctly identified as the accounts of the Chinese government.

Explaining the actions against the Chinese government’s social media accounts, the statement said that the US embassy is not given full access to Chinese social media and that Chinese citizens are prevented from using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

At the beginning of the statement, Pompeo said that China has deviated significantly from diplomatic norms in making American diplomatic missions there immensely difficult. He also criticized the Chinese authorities’ vetting processes for being opaque and for preventing US diplomats from conducting normal operations and keeping in touch with Chinese citizens. He further pointed out that US diplomats often run into obstructions when organizing cultural events, formal meetings, and university visits.

The statement said in contrast, Chinese diplomats in the US have free access to American society. Pompeo notes that the new policy is a response to the limitations China has imposed on American diplomats over the years. It is hoped that the Chinese government will make improvements, he said. Should China lift the restrictions it has imposed on American diplomats, the statement added, the US is ready to respond in kind.

Source: Stand News #Sep03

#US #China #Pompeo #Embassy #Consulate #Diplomacy

Worldwide massive surveillance from
Chinese company, a mosaic intelligence gathering

A Chinese company with links to Beijing's military and intelligence networks has been amassing a vast database of detailed personal information of 2.4 million people, including more than 35,000 Australians.

While much of the information has been "scraped" from open-source material, some profiles have information which appears to have been sourced from confidential bank records, job applications and psychological profiles.
Critics suspected the company sourced some of its information from the so-called "dark web".

656 of the Australians featured on the list as being of "special interest" or "politically exposed". While these terms are unexplained, the leak raises further questions about the spread and scope of China's intelligence gathering operations.

#surveillance #DataLeaks #DarkWeb #Australia

Source: ABC #Sep14

#Save12HKYouths #HKLivesMatter
China Detains 12 Hongkongers for Nearly a Month; Families Demand HK Authorities to Prove that Chinese Coast Guard didn't Enter HK Waters to Make Arrest

Source: Stand News #Sept20

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#Save12HKYouths #HKLivesMatter
China Detains 12 Hongkongers for Nearly a Month; Families Demand HK Authorities to Prove that Chinese Coast Guard didn't Enter HK Waters to Make Arrest

The families of the 12 Hongkongers captured and detained in China filed a formal report to the Hong Kong Police at Wan Chai Police Headquarters on September 20, 2020. The detainees include Andy Li who is charged with national security violation and pro-democracy activists.

Accompanied by legislator Chu Hoi-dick and pro-democracy activist Owen Chow, the families demanded the police to disclose more information on the arrests, which include the time and location of the arrest and the radar records of the locations of the Hong Kong marine police at that time.

The families want the police to prove that the 12 Hongkongers weren’t arrested in local waters by the Chinese Coast Guard.

They also demanded the Hong Kong officials to contact the detainees being held in China to check on their actual condition to ensure that they aren’t injured.

Last Sunday, the families had held a press conference calling for international attention. They lamented that they could not even know if their loved ones were still alive. The families condemned the Hong Kong government for refusing to offer assistance, failing to seek the return of the detainees and acting as the mouthpiece of the Chinese authorities.

Listen to the families in our bilingual video:

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam mentioned once that "it is not that simple", although legislator James To revealed precedent cases that Hongkongers charged with criminal offences who 'transgressed the border' were simply sent back by Chinese authorities. Secretary for Security John Lee reiterated what China had said that the detainees "had chosen their lawyers from a list provided by Chinese authorities".

On August 23, 2020, 12 Hongkongers had been intercepted by the Chinese Coast Guard and detained in China since then. They were barred from meeting their families or lawyers appointed by their families. The Chinese authorities insisted on assigning government-appointed lawyers to represent the 12 people, although the families had already hired lawyers. Worse still, the Chinese lawyers appointed by their families have been pressured by the law society and the local authorities in China to drop the case.

The Chinese authorities have been criticized for undermining human and legal rights.

Source: Stand News #Sept20
Hong Kong Pro-democracy Activist #NathanLaw Wins TIME’s 2020 TIME100 Reader Poll

Nathan Law, a pro-democracy activist in Hong Kong and former chairperson of the now-disbanded Demosistõ, was elected the most influential person in a poll by the Time Magazine.

4.7 million readers have cast their votes. Law received 3.8% of the vote. Following him are Health Care workers (3.7%) fighting the coronavirus on the frontlines. Essential workers came third with 3.4% of the vote.

Law was elected as Hong Kong's youngest lawmaker in 2016 but was removed after Beijing interpreted the Basic Law. After the enactment of the national security law in 2020, Law fled Hong Kong in early July and severed his ties with his family, to continue the international campaign. Under the new law, "collusion with foreign countries" is defined as criminal offense.

Source: Time #Sept18

Image: Apple Daily
Judge Praises Assailant who Assaulted Pro-democracy Activist in HK for Loving Society

Source: InMedia; Ming Pao #Sept17

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Judge Praises Assailant who Assaulted Pro-democracy Activist in HK for Loving Society

Wong Sum-kau, aged 80, used a chisel to attack pro-democracy activist 'Long hair' Leung Kwok-hung on 16 April, 2020, near China's Liaison Office in Hong Kong.

Leung was hurt on the right side of his waist. The assailant pled guilty for one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Magistrate Cheang Kei-hong suggested that it was fortunate that the victim was not hurt badly, although the chisel is made of metal and carries certain weight.

After watching the video footage, the magistrate said he can see the assailant was “agile”.

Yet, the assailant allegedly sent death threats to pro-democracy activists, by yelling in court: "Ted Hui and Joshua Wong, they will die sooner or later". Despite this, the magistrate believed that the assailant “loves society” and "only" commited the crime because of "different political stance".

The magistrate suggested that since the defendant was willing to serve society, he should just be sentenced to community service. The case is adjourned to 13 Oct, 2020.

Source: Inmedia; Ming Pao #Sept17

#LongHair #LeungKwokHung #Assault
#PoliceBrutality #DavidJordan
HK Police Promote Commander Notorious for Brutal Treatment of Pro-democracy Civilians

David Jordan, the Chief Superintendent of the Hong Kong Police and then-Commander-in-Chief of the Special Tactical Squad during the 2019 Anti-extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement, has been promoted as the Assistant Commissioner in charge of the Marine Region in Hong Kong.

Former chairmen of Demosistō Nathan Law said he was very disappointed about the promotion, and will continue to work with Luke de Pulford, commissioner of the British Conservative Party's Human Rights Commission, to prepare a private prosecution of the British-Hong Kong police.

Source: Stand News #Sept15

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#HongKongPolice #AsiasFinest #PrivateProsecution