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#NationalSecurityLaw #ExtraditiontoChina #1C1S
China's State Media: Apple Daily Founder Jimmy Lai Might Face Life Sentence in China

Source: Stand News
#NationalSecurityLaw #ExtraditiontoChina #1C1S
China's State Media: Apple Daily Founder Jimmy Lai Might Face Life Sentence in China

Bruce Lui, veteran journalist specialized in China affairs and currently senior lecturer of Journalism in Hong Kong Baptist University (#HKBU), published an article recently regarding the Hong Kong authorities' arrest of Apple Daily founder Jimmy Lai among others under the National Security Law.

Lui pointed out that the Apple Daily case has been defined as a priority case by the PRC's Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office and China-owned media after the enforcement of the “National Security Law”.

Lui cited how Beijing-controlled media like Global Times and Ta Kung Po had quoted pro-Beijing reseacher Lau Siu-Kai, Vice President of Chinese Association of Hong Kong & Macau Studies (CAHKMS), calling “Next Media” an “organisation with a political stance”. It was a hint that “Next Media” is highly likely to be rectified.

In particular, Lui indicated that China state-owned Global Times has quoted Tian Fei-long of the CAHKMS committee saying, “this case may involve complicated external elements. If it is difficult for further investigation and collecting evidence, Safeguarding National Security in Hong Kong may participate in the investigation or take over the case.” It, moreover, implied Jimmy Lai might be sent to China for hearing. In the same report, Tian said if Jimmy Lai is a prime culprit, his penalty may be a life sentence.”

Regarding the inquiry of Stand News, Lui replied, “in the current state, it is not only limited to individual criminals but also extends to “Next media” and “Apple Daily” be accused of inciting a political organisation.” He believed Beijing likes to determine the nature of an incident, then to rationalise all their actions. “Global Times” has mentioned the accusation of this incident was a “political battle” and “involvement of external elements”. If it is the direction, media in Hong Kong won’t be protected by articles of the law related to freedom of speech and media operation, such as protection of news material and freedom to publish. In the meantime, the way how Beijing crackdown media may restrict daily activities and source of capital in “Next Media.”

Source: Stand News #Aug12
Hong Kongers are trying their best and doing all the right precautions to stop the virus.

On the other hand, you have the Hong Kong government trying their best to... spread the virus.


Source: https://www.coronavirus.gov.hk/eng/599C-quarantine_exemption.html
#OpinionArticle #Media #PressFreedom #PoliticalOppression
Human Rights are Fading Away in Hong Kong as the Power Authorities Erode the Freedom of Press Further

//On August 11, the Hong Kong police applied what they called “credibility” as a criteria to compartmentalize media. Just as the police suppressed media's legitimate rights to report, they claimed that "credible media" will be treated with “special favor”.

After all, what are the "credible media"? They are credited by whom? And how to earn such credibility? I am all lost when reading the police statement.

According to a “Media Credibility” survey conducted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), credibility is defined by how a media is trusted by the public, how diligent they are in executing their duty to investigate and reporting the news for public good.

Back to the police operation on August 11, police allowed the crew from Cable News and TVB New to enter the cordon to report story. The two news channels scored 6.63 and 4.45 respectively in the #CUHK survey, occupying the first and the last place in this credibility list. Despite that police forbade Stand News and InMediaHK reporters from broadcasting inside the cordon, the two news outlets scored 6.96 and 5.63 respectively, i.e. being the top two most credible electronic media.

Here I am confused. Isn’t the police's so-called “credible media” more like an arbitrary categorization without basis and principle? Is earning the favour of the police more important than the people’s trust? Isn’t it suppose to be a check-and-balance mechanism for media to monitor how the police and other forces exercise their powers?

Although I could not find any credibility score of other media outlets such as Associate Press, AFP and Reuters which were all denied by the police, I am curious about the reasons cited by the police that made them “distrust” these international news outlets.

In fact, I suspect all international media outlets have been labeled “not credible”. Chris Yeung, Chairman of Hong Kong Journalist Association #HKJA) said in an interview, “Hong Kong has valued international media in the past. However, the policy has been changed now and it is confusing.”

Obviously, the new policy is designed to reward those willing to bow to their powers without questioning. Even though freedom of press is supposesly a basic human right in civilized society, here what about Human right? Has it not been drifted far away from us? //

Source: @siuban #Aug12
#PoliceState #NationalSecurityLaw #FailedState

Further Reading:
CUHK Report on Media Credibility Survey

Knowing what the Hong Kong vetting officer said, I am worried for those who casted an "objection'" vote or "abstention" vote on the enactment of the National Security Law in Hong Kong during the National People’s Congress.

Image Content:
Opposing the National Security Law, and opposing Hong Kong on discharging its constitutional duty to safeguard national security, means the person objectively cannot have the intention to uphold the Basic Law.

Vetting official, Hong Kong legislative Council election 2020

Editor’s Note: Fung Chi-ching, Jacky is the center manager and researcher of the Education Policy Research Centre, Hong Kong Policy Research Institute. 

Source: Fung Chi-ching, Jacky's Facebook, (31-Jul)
Translated by: Hong Kong Echo

#LegislationCouncil #ElectionOfficial #BasicLaw #NationalSecurityLaw #Vote
#NetiziensVoice #Analysis
Let’s talk about the Beirut explosion. It’s only a small talk with some interesting information, please read it if you’re interested, otherwise, please feel free to skip it.
(5 Aug) According to BBC, officials reported that the explosion at Beirut’s port is most likely linked to a large amount of ammonium nitrate stored for six years in one of the port’s warehouse.
//Around a decade ago, ammonium nitrate was still somewhat profitable, but it has been declining year after year... Because of the overcapacity.
//Who push the market to excess capacity? China... the situation was so bad that even their own people discussed and warned them

//CCP does not encourage people to farm at all; they prefer demolishing and bulldozing good lands to build buildings, for better prices.
//Rather than storing the ammonium nitrate in China, we might as well treat them as a favor, half-gifted, half-sold. It doesn't matter if the buyer doesn't have the money, Bank of China could be the syndicated loan guarantee
//China began its massive export orders... 2014-2015 were the good years, soon foreign warehouses are full and they were telling China not to send out fertilizer anymore.

//why would a country, and even the capital city Beirut, need to store 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate fertilizer into its port warehouse

//why we, the ordinary citizens, need to keep an eye on politicians... just like the epidemic, if you don't care about politics, politics will come and kill you.

Full translation:

Source: Facebook
Reference: China Export Ammonium Nitrate 2002 - 2020 (CEIC), China's Ammonium Nitrate Exports up in July 2015

Translated by: Hong Kong Echo

#China #Tianjin #Explosions #Fertilizer #Yuntianhua #AmmoniumNitrate #Xi #Beirut #Lebanon #OneBeltOneRoad
#ForeignCorrespondentsClub #FCC #ImmigrationDepartment #VISA #NationalSecurity
Hong Kong's Immigration Department Suspected of Delaying and Denying Foreign Correspondents' Visas

Source: Stand News #Aug12

Read more
#NationalSecurityLaw #Visa #ForeignMedia #PressFreedom
Hong Kong's Immigration Department Suspected of Delaying and Denying Foreign Correspondents' Visas

The Foreign Correspondents' Club (#FCC) released a statement on 6 August 2020, indicating that multiple foreign correspondents in Hong Kong were having their visa renewal applications delayed.

Sources close to the Immigration Department revealed to Stand News that visa applications for foreign correspondents have to be double-checked by the "National Security Section" which had only been established in late June, 2020.

No public announcement has been made concerning the "National Security Section". The special section is currently under the jurisdiction of a Chief Immigration Officer who belongs to the "Quality Migrants and Mainland Residents Section" (#QMMR).

Sources said that the QMMR's office is located on the 6/F of the Immigration Headquarters, but that the officer working for the "National Security Section" does not work at that office. The Immigration Department Organisation Chart also had no mention of such an officer.

Sources also claimed that the Immigration Department had used technical reasons to hinder foreign correspondents' visa applications. For example, for a correspondent who had applied for a visa in 2018 with the status of an editor, were he/she found to have reported on the recent protests, the Immigration Department could delay or deny the application, citing the reason that their title reported and their current job are not consistent.

When processing the application, the Immigration Department also checked the correspondents' MPF (Mandatory Pension Fund) and wage records. Source said, "This wasn't necessary before. The guide on the [government's] website didn't state that it was necessary." However, the Immigration Department claimed that the check was to ensure that said media worker was really conducting regular work in Hong Kong. If it was found that the person was not paid for a few months, the authorities could claim that "the person does not no need to work in Hong Kong. Anyway, they are just making up excuses."

Source: Stand News #Aug12
#ImmigrationDepartment #FailedState
#Interview #Censorship

Politically outspoken "Comics Life" column removed from Ming Pao Weekly

"Comics Life" was a collaboration between five comic artists that focused on current social issues in Hong Kong. It featured a variety of styles ranging from the old black and white six panels, in salute to Old Master Q, to the more contemporary manga and graphic novel styles. After running for a little over a year, their efforts were cut short. Speculations over the cause waver between an innocuous change in content and pre-emptive self-censorship amid the National Security Law. Stand News interviewed three of the artists for their perspectives.


#ComicsLife #ComicArtist #MingPaoWeekly
#Speech #US #CCP
U.S. State Secretary Pompeo: "The Chinese Communist Party lies, and makes those who tell the truth disappear"

U.S. Secretary Pompeo delivered remarks at the Czech Senate, in Prague, Czech Republic, on August 12, 2020.

In his remarks, Secretary Pompeo indicated:

“It’s not tanks and guns. It’s very different from that. The CCP initiates retaliation against innocent parties when crossed. It infamously canceled the PFK Philharmonica’s trip to Beijing for something as simple as the mayor’s efforts to deepen ties with Taiwan. Shanghai cancelled its cooperation with Prague after this city signed a sister-city agreement with Taipei.”

“The CCP leverages economic power to coerce countries. Recall that the Chinese embassy in Prague sent a letter to your former senate president, who had hoped to visit Taiwan. Your free press did amazing work and reported on this strong-arming. The letter read as follows. It said, quote, ‘Czech enterprises with economic interests in China will have to pay,’ end of quote. This is deeply inconsistent with each of our values. The CCP lies, and makes those who tell the truth disappear.”

“Your senate president will make that trip to Taiwan later this month, fulfilling the wishes of his late predecessor. Good on him. Know too – know too that America is supporting you and will always do it.”

Watch the video:

Futher Reading: