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#US #StateDepartment Demands Hong Kong Government to Drop #PoliticalPersecution on Pro-democracy Civilians

On Jan 19, 2021, Morgan Ortagus, the spokeperson of the State Department of the United States vocally condemned the January-14 arrest of 11 Hongkongers who were accused by the Hong Kong police of aiding 12 pro-democracy Hongkongers to flee the city.

The US State Department demanded all charges to be "immediately dropped" and reiterates that the latest sanctions announced by the US government are "a direct response to Beijing’s evisceration of Hong Kong’s autonomy and freedoms".

Source: #MorganOrtagus' Twitter; Stand News #Jan19


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US announces new #sanctions against 6 linked to Mass Arrest of pro-democracy activists in HK

Fears of unemployment causing social unrest, Beijing re-ignites street vendor economy, official media denies "disorder"

Source: Apple Daily

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Fears of unemployment causing social unrest, Beijing re-ignites street vendor economy, official media denies "disorder"

(17 Oct) The boom of the street vendor economy first advocated by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in June 2020 quickly waned, with government officials immediately reproaching the method as impractical.

//Li had never encouraged “disorderly vending”. Government officials were deliberately tarnishing his name, rather.

//ever since Li’s advocacy for the “street vendor economy”, he had come under fire by state media. However, similar policies for the street vendor economy were maintained at the local level and included night markets and small storefronts.

//Economist Law Ka-chung indicated that the phenomenon of street-vending was proof of China’s struggling economy.

//He believed that “street-vending” would do little to help the Chinese economy because it was not part of its formal economy; there is no taxation or official records [of the businesses].

Full Translation Here: Hong Kong Echo

Source: Apple Daily

#Chinese #Economy #Struggle #StreetVendor #LiKeqiang #Premier
95 people have been accused of the "violation" of National Security Law since its implementation date (July 1), regardless they are in local or overseas.

#NationalSecurityLaw #MassArrest #GoHKGraphics
US Sanctions a Chinese Tech Company for Helping Venezuela to Suppress Dissents

Source: Apple Daily #Dec01

US Sanctions a Chinese Tech Company for Helping Venezuela to Suppress Dissents

The U.S. Treasury Department announced sanctions against on a Chinese technology company on Monday (November 30), accusing the company of helping Venezuelan President Maduro to undermine democracy. On the other side, the Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said at a regular press conference on Tuesday (December 1) that U.S. action was simply an excuse to suppress the Venezuelan and related Chinese firms.

The Treasury Department has frozen the assets of China National Electronics Import & Export Corporation (CEIEC) in U.S., restricting America companies from conducting business with it, but allows a buffer period for U.S firms and individuals to wind-down pre-existing business with CEIEC until 14 January. The Treasury Department has also frozen assets of any company in which CEIEC holds more than 50% of shares.

A statement from the Treasury Department indicates that CEIEC is a “commercial version of Beijing firewall”, providing specialized technology to block the live streams of independent media and the opposition leader Juan Guaido. The statement also pointed out that CEIEC supports Maduro government in restricting internet services, conducting digital surveillance and cyber operation to target political dissident.

#China #Venezuela #US #America #CEIEC #TreasuryDepartment #HuaChunying #Maduro #JuanGuaido #PressFreedom #Trading #AssetsFreezing

Source: Apple Daily #Dec01

China Charges Hong Kong Activists Caught Fleeing to Taiwan

Ten Hong Kong activists who were captured at sea while trying to flee to Taiwan in August 2020 were charged in mainland China with illegal boundary-crossing offenses on Dec 16 2020.

The Yantian district of the city of Shenzhen said in a statement that eight of the activists were sentenced up to one year in prison. Also, two others, Tang Kai-yin and Quinn Moon, were charged with the more serious offense of organizing the escape attempt, punishable by up to seven years.

Another two, who are juveniles, are due to have a separate, closed hearing into their cases, but no charges were announced.

The group of twelve activists ranges in age from 17 to 33.

Source: New York Times #Dec16


#12HKYouths #HongKong #HongKongProtestor
Protest granny ‘prepared to die’ for Hong Kong’s freedoms

64-year-old Alexandra Wong, younger activists affectionately call her as “Grandma Wong”, was a regular sight during demonstrations in 2019. For Ms Wong, the flag which is despised by the Chinese Communist party as representing British colonial rule in Hong Kong was the ultimate symbol of defiance.

Wong was caught and detained while commuting to her home in Shenzhen across the border in the mainland China. After a 14-month absence, Ms Wong was back and protesting again in Hong Kong.

“I am prepared to die,” said Wong. “They will oppress us if we don’t protest and we will lose more freedoms.”

“Grandma Wong is an inspiration to generations of pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong,” said Lord Alton of Liverpool, a member of the group backing the Nobel Prize campaign.

Source: FT #Dec28


#GrandmaWong #HongKongProtest #HongKong #NobelPrize
#FirstHand #Jan21
"7.21 - how could we forget?" - Grandma Wong at Yuen Long

1945 | Yuen Long

Jan 21, 2021 is the 18-month mark of the 7.21 Yuen Long mob attack, when armed white-clad men attacked citizens inside the MTR station and on the street, during which police officers conspicuously turned their backs and left the scene, and were even seen befriending the white shirts.

Grandma Wong is at the bus terminal area in Yuen Long with her yellow umbrella and British flags. Her signs call out to passerbys to remember the events that night: "7.21 - how could we forget?"

18 months after, many Hongkongers refused to forget while heavy police presence was sighted in Yuen Long to curb memorial activities.

#721YuenLong #GrandmaWong #18months
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#FirstHand #Jan21
#TinShuiWaiConnection Reminds Hongkongers to Resist Government's Whitewashing

19:49 | Yuen Long

Yuen Long district Councilor Lam Chun, of the district concern group Tin Shui Wai Connection, displayed an event chronicle of July 21, 2019, where white-clad mobs attacked civilians and passengers including those returning from a pro-democracy protest of the day.

Not only that the police reportedly turned a blind eye to the attacks, but the authorities have been whitewashing the happenings of the day since then. RTHK journalist Bao Choy was even arrested for giving false statement when conducting journalistic investigation.

In the video, Lam expressed frustration and rage at the authorities organised actions to distort the 721 incident in 2019. He called for citizens to collect and retain relevant materials. Lam said hopefully, 721 incident will be justly recorded as part of Hong Kong history in distant future.

#YuenLong721 #LamChun
#FirstHand #721YuenLong #Jan21
Heavy police deployment against peaceful protest and home-heading civilians

1945 | Yuen Long

Dozens of officers have been deployed to Yuen Long MTR Station in anticipation of citizens gathering to remember 7.21 Yuen Long attack. So far, they seem to only be observing the scene.

Few civilians stopped to gather, perhaps because of the recent surge in number of Wuhan Pneumonia cases, or heavy fines for violating the gathering ban. However, police officers could be seen standing close together in groups of ten or more; they do not seem to be bothered at all by the ongoing epidemic.

Heavy police deployment could also be seen outside the bus terminus, where civilians had to pass by in order to head home. No protests were seen at the spot so far.

#TinShuiWaiConnection Reminds Hongkongers to Resist Government's Whitewashing


"7.21 - how could we forget?" - Grandma Wong at Yuen Long

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#FirstHand #Jan21 #NeverForget #NeverForgive
HK District Councilor saddened for less street activism and potential imprisonment over national security breach

2010| Yuen Long

Lam Chun was one of the 53 pro-democracy activists arrested in early January, 2021 for alleged violations of the #NationalSecurityLaw.

In the video, Lam admitted less resources in pro-democracy street activism following the imposition of the National Security Law and the heightened social distancing restrictions.

He said, “when I was arrested earlier this month, I was concerned about being detained or even imprisoned, because that will mean even less resource will be available for the remembrance activities of the Anti-ELAB movement, for instance, on the 21st and the 31st day of every month.”

When talking about possible prison sentence, Lam said activists are now facing ever severe consequences than rioting. Instead of 10-year imprisonment, they could be put behind bars for a life time.

#721YuenLong #LamChun
Crackdown Continues in Hong Kong as Judiciary Demands Court Users to Remove Pro-democracy Symbols on Public Notice Board

The Hong Kong Judiciary dispatched an email on January 18, 2021 to all on-premise court users, reminding them to remove displays that "may cause public concern, jeopardize political neutrality of the judicial system and tarnish its reputation".

It was suspected that the move was related to 2 photographs went viral on pro-Establishment Facebook group "Save HK" in early December 2020, which showed a notice board in Sha Tin Court with displays like banners, "Hongkongers, fight on (add oil)", "money is precious but freedom is more so" as well as an origami of LIHKG pig.

The facebook post questioned political stance of concerning staff and neutrality of the organization.

Source: Apple Daily #Jan18