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#PoliticalOppression #Court
4 Pro-democracy activists sent to hospital after 14-hour court mentioning in Hong Kong

On Feb 28, 2021 in Hong Kong, 47 pro-democracy activists, including former Legislative Councilors and current district councilors, were arrested for committing "subversion" under the #NationalSecurityLaw.

They were mentioned in court on Mar 1. At 02:32 on Mar 2, Clarisse Yeung Suet-ying collapsed after 14 hours of court mentioning. Her lawer stated that Yeung was conscious, yet was unable to open her eyes nor stand up.

Apart from Yeung, "Long Hair" Leung Kwok-hung, Mike Lam King-nam and Roy Tam Hoi-pong felt unwell and were sent to hospital.

After long hours of ongoing mentioning, the arrestees were sent back to detention centre at around 5am on the morning of Mar 2. The court will continue at 11am, leaving them without enough rests.

Sources: Apple Daily #Mar2

#HumanitarianCrisis #47Democrats
#Court #PoliticalPersecution
Hong Kong Police Reportedly Arrest Lawyer Defending Pro-democracy Activists

2306 | West Kowloon Magistrates' Court

On March 1, 2021, 47 pro-democracy activists, who were charged with "conspiracy to state subversion", were mentioned in court in Hong Kong.

The trial continued after midnight, and at least 4 defendants collapsed and were sent to the hospital.

At 23:06 on Mar 1, lawyer Yau Lui-pong representing 9 pro-democracy defendents was taken away and reportedly arrested by the police for reason unknown.

Source: Stand News #Mar1
#MadeinChina #WuhanPneumonia
72-year-old man in Hong Kong Suffers hypertension and heart palpitation after China-made #Sinovec Jab

Source: Apple Daily; RTHK #Feb27

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#MadeinChina #WuhanPneumonia
72-year-old man in Hong Kong Suffers hypertension and heart palpitation after China-made #Sinovec Jab

On Feb 27, 2021, a 72-year-old man in Hong Kong was hospitalized after receiving the China-made Sinovec #covid19 vaccinations.

The man suffered hypertension and heart palpitation. It was reported his pulse went up to 100 beats per minute.

He wss among 7,000 people who received Covid-19 vaccinations. The incident happened at a vaccination center operared by #VirtusMedical and the Association of Private Medical Specialists of Hong Kong. The man was sent to Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

According to the government, the China-made Sinovac vaccine is the only vaccine available in Hong Kong at the moment.

Source: Apple Daily; RTHK #Feb27

#Vaccine #Hypertension
How can we Leave Home Safely when the LeaveHomeSafe app asks for 15 permissions and is developed by a Chinese company, especially there is a reference to Singapore's app?

#LeaveHomeSafe #COVID19 #TrackandTrace #GoHKgraphics
Germany's UN envoy urged China to release the 2 captive Canadians, China replied “Good Riddance”

Source: Apple daily #Dec23

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Germany's UN envoy urged China to release the 2 captive Canadians, China replied “Good Riddance”

Christoph Heusgen, UN envoy of Germany, attended his last meeting of the Security Council on Tuesday (Dec 22). At the meeting, he call on China to free the two detained Canadian citizens, but China deputy UN envoy Geng Shuang promptly respond with “good riddance”.

As Germany end its 2-years term as non-permanent member of the UN Security Council this month, and Ambassador Christoph Heusgen's retirement after being a diplomat for over 40 years. He utilises his parting message to call on China, “Let me end my tenure on the Security Council by appealing to my Chinese colleagues to ask Beijing for the release of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor. Christmas is the right moment for such a gesture,”

However, Geng accused Huesgen of abusing the Security Council to launch “malicious” attack on other members “in an attempt to poison the working atmosphere.” He said, “I wish to say something out of the bottom of my heart: Good riddance, Ambassador Heusgen. I am hoping that the council in your absence in the year 2021 will be in a better position to fulfill the responsibilities...for maintaining international peace and security.”

#GengShuang #ChristophHuesgen #China #Germany #Canada #UN #SecurityCouncil #MichaelKovrig #MichaelSpavor

Source: Apple daily #Dec23

China Faces European Obstacles as Some Countries Heed U.S. Pressure

Source: WSJ #Feb23

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China Faces European Obstacles as Some Countries Heed U.S. Pressure

Some European countries are starting to block Chinese involvement in their economies, drawing closer to positions advocated by the U.S. amid growing anxiety in Europe over China’s increasingly aggressive geopolitical posture.

Romania and Lithuania are taking broad measures to exclude Chinese companies from certain public procurements. Slovenia, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Romania have suspended public tenders involving Chinese companies for work on nuclear-power plants, highways, rail lines, security scanners and a shipping-container terminal. Greece is debating whether to allow a Chinese shipping company to increase its majority stake in the country’s largest port.

The shift is largely taking place in smaller European countries, adding to tensions within the European Union, where big countries still largely favour maintaining business links with China.

Source: WSJ #Feb23


#China #EastEurope #EU #ChineseInvestment #BRI