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Prince Edward and Lai Chi Kok MTR Station CCTV Footage Delivered to Student’s legal representative, Video length exceeds 90 hours

Kex Leung Yiu-ting, president of Education University Student Union who has accused police officers of assault and unlawful arrest, was granted access by the High Court to request video footage from two MTR stations for the incident on Aug 31, 2019, despite objections from the Cooperation.

On Mar18, High Court ordered the MTR Corporation to hand over CCTV footages from Prince Edward and Li Chi Kok Station within 7 working days. Mar 27, being the last day before the deadline, MTR Cooperation delivered relevant footages to Leung’s lawyer. The total length of the clips exceeds 90 hours.

Leung has promised the court that the footages would only be used for legal actions and would not be released without the court’s permission. He stated that the clips would be examined by a team of lawyers for further legal actions.

Source: Apple Daily #Mar27 #831PrinceEdward
HK Police denies medical assistance of an elderly in custody

A 80-year-old man with chronic diseases including high blood pressur was charged with threat of destroying other people's property. On March 22, the man argued with his neighbour over noise issues and threatened to kill

During the court hearing on March 25, the defense complained about maltreatment: during the detention in police station, he severed diarrhea, but "no police office was willing to send him to hospital".

Until the lawyer and his family learnt about it and made specific request, the old man was then sent to hospital for medical treatment.

However, the police officer did not carry the elderly's ID card to the hospital, which hindered doctors from looking into his medical records. Even worse, police officers kept urging the doctors to discharge the old man so that they can continue their investigation.

Source: Apple Daily

#Mar27 #PoliceState #PoliceBrutality
#CensorshipKills #CCPlies
U.S. Secretary of State: China Still Withholding Coronavirus Information

[Editor's note: The image shows patients sharing ventilators in a hospital in New York]

In an interview with a radio program on March 24, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo repeated previous charges that Beijing's delay in sharing information about the virus had created risks to people worldwide and said this had "truly put thousands of lives at risk."

"My concern is that this cover-up, this disinformation that the Chinese Communist Party is engaged in, is still denying the world the information it needs so that we can prevent further cases or something like this from recurring again," he added.

"This is an ongoing global crisis, and we need to make sure that every country today is being transparent, sharing what's really going on, so that the global community, the global health care, infectious disease community can begin to work on this in a holistic way."

Source: Reuters #Mar25
Image: New York Times
‘Fake, Fake’: Chinese Leader Heckled By Residents During Visit to City

Sun Chunlan, a top Chinese official, was heckled by residents yelling, “Fake, fake, everything is fake”, while she was inspecting the residential committee, ensuring that they are checking on residents each day and distribute necessities.

The video was posted, shows Sun and a group of people walking within the city's compound.

However, residents were fiercely critical of Sun, repeatedly shouting and heckling out of sheer discontent and anger.

Further reading:

(19 Mar) The simple fact is all these are propaganda used to cheat mainland Chinese that pandemic in PRC is over. Evidence is that 90% of them are written in simplified Chinese, and only very few of the reposts are translated into English for convincing mainland Chinese that “See, foreign press is reporting it too!”. We analyzed similar kind of fake news attacking Taiwan in February that all these were only for internal “promotion”.

But why are some overseas Chinese going back to PRC? It is because some of Chinese migrants have never learnt local language even they are residing therein. They are unwilling to join any activity in the local community, nor do they participant in local politics. These Chinese migrants only want to stay at China Town acting as “High-Class” Chinese, and some are even being as parasites at US/Europe to get local welfares. These people can only read Chinese, so all the news they read is in fact used to cheat mainland Chinese, and these overseas Chinese are also cheated though they were not the targeted by CCP at the beginning. These overseas Chinese who are cheated by fake news are lower-class in the migrants’ segment, they therefore bring lots of mess back to PRC.

CCP is annoyed by batch of overseas Chinese going back to PRC, so recent external CCP propaganda becomes “those overseas migrants who go back to PRC are selfish and lacked of comprehensive consideration to home country.”

If you understand that all such news was internal “promotion” in February, it is not difficult to predict the result. CCP doesn’t not have new tactics, what they do today are just the same as in 1949s.

If you will be worried about PRC controlling the World after reading those PRC fake news, please don’t read them. Reposting these fake news is just helping CCP to attack the World, to brainwashed our fellows and to cause them feel scared that Taiwan will be defeated by omnipotent CCP.

CCP is just RUBBISH and there is no point to be scared.

Editor’s Note: If people are good at critical thinking, then they should not falter after reading fake news, or stop and think about the root of problem. Acting as fake hipsters with pretending neutral stance and no belief, such behaviors are just helping to spread these fake news, and at the same time damaging the circulation of true news. One should draw conclusion based on rationality and science, collaborate statement by evidence, and have confidence on it. If you are unable to do so and be easily brainwashed, perhaps you better first identify your enemies, then you can stand firm and ignore news from the enemies.

Reference: Facebook

#ChinesePropaganda #Coronavirus #Taiwan #FakeNews

Taiwan warned WHO of human-human transmission of COVID-19 in December 2019, WHO only replied “Received”

(24 Mar) Morgan Ortagus, Spokesperson for the United States Department of State, responded to Hua Chunying, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson for China, in a Twitter post, stating that Taiwan first tried to warn WHO of human-human transmission of Wuhan pneumonia on 31 December. This was confirmed by Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center, who revealed that they have sent a letter of enquiry to China and WHO regarding the collected data. The only reply from WHO was, “Received”.

Bob LJ Chen, Director General of Taiwan’s Department of International Organisations, also stated in a press conference that Taiwan was aware of the atypical pneumonia cases in Wuhan at the end of last year. The Taiwan Centers for Disease Control immediately contacted China and IHR from WHO on 31 December, hoping to confirm the relevant epidemic situation. In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs immediately requested the Taiwan Office in Geneva to contact the WHO Secretariat to request assistance for confirmation.

In a report last Friday, the Financial Times quoted from Taiwan officials that Taiwanese doctors learnt from Chinese colleagues that human-human transmission of the virus was observed, as local medics in China became ill. On 31 December, they reported the suspicious cases of Wuhan pneumonia to IHR and Chinese Health Authorities, who, unfortunately, did not share this warning to other countries. The report also quoted from Taiwan’s Vice President, Chen Chien-jen, “The IHR internal website has a platform for sharing epidemics information and responses for all countries, but the information shared by Taiwan was not uploaded to that platform.”

Source: HKCNews

#Taiwan #WHO #HuaChunying #IHR #Coronavirus
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UK coronavirus death toll under 20,000 would be 'good result', says health chief; Death Toll in Italy over 10,000

//The number of confirmed cases in UK stood at 17,089 on Saturday morning. The death toll rose by 260 in a day to 1,019, the seventh highest toll in the world behind Italy, Spain, China, Iran, France and the United States.

When asked if Britain was on the same trajectory as Italy, where the death toll has passed 9,000, Stephen Powis, the medical director of National Health Service England, said that if the public adhered to the nationwide lockdown the total toll could be kept below 20,000.//

//As of March 28, the toll in Italy, which has suffered more deaths than any other country, now stands at 10,023. An additional 5,974 infections brought to 92,472 the number of people who have officially tested positive for COVID-19.//

Source: Reuters; France 24 #Mar28
#StateTerrorism #PoliceState #WhiteTerror
Reign of Terror: Police Continue Arrests for 'Seditious Intentions'

After recently arresting pro-democracy politian for "seditious intent", the police invoked the same colonial-era law to arrest an owner and administrator of a telegram channel with over 20,000 members.

The 32-year-old insurance agent was arrested by the police for "allegedly inciting violence" on March 27. The police has overtaken the adminstrative right of the channel and posted a notice of removal on the channel. In a press meeting on March 29, the Hong Kong Police accused the channel of encouraging the set-up of road blocks, "gas bombs and hydrogen bombs".

Watch the video: https://t.me/guardiansofhongkong/19049

[Editor's note: hydrogen bomb is a nuclear weapon.]

Source: Stand News #Mar29

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#WhiteTerror #StateTerrorism #PoliceState
From 'Railgun', 'Hydrogen Bomb' to 'Seditious Intent': Hong Kong Police Arrest Citizens and Politicians

In 2016, police arrested Ray Toi-yeung Wong, former convenor of the pro-democracy activist group Hong Kong Indigenous, for "allegedly inciting riot" after the Mongkok Civil Unrest (aka Fishball Revolution).

Police claimed to have found "railgun" in Wong's home.

Four years later, the Hong Kong police claimed that a telegran channel encouraged and gave instruction on the making of "hydrogen bomb". The 32-year-old owner of the channel has been arrested on March 27 for "seditious intents" under a colonial-era law in Hong Kong.

The attached video recorded the police statement made in the press meeting on March 29, 2020.

Read more: https://t.me/guardiansofhongkong/19047

Source: Stand News #Mar29
#HydrogenBomb #Sedition
#PanicBuying #CoronavirusPandemic
A Woman Allegedly Grabs Tin After Tin Of Baby Formula Off While A Worker Dutifully Carries On Stacking Them Up for Her

Australia's Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton promised to penalise those who take advantage of panic buying during the coronavirus outbreak. Despite the supermarket's two-tin transaction restrictions on baby formula, Daily Mail showed an online video where a Chinese woman took dozens of tins of baby formula from the shelves seconds after the staff put them up.

Sources: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8150917/Outrageous-moment-Woolworths-shopper-bags-dozens-baby-formula-tins-worker-stacks-shelf.html
#DailyUpdate #Mar29 #COVID19

COVID-19 Updates (29/3)

At the time of writing, 683,583 cases of the coronavirus had been confirmed worldwide with 32,144 deaths. The US has more than 120,000 cases of the coronavirus making it the most affected country. Italy, Spain, China and Germany are all severely impacted as well.

China reports 45 new cases – 44 are imported, according to the officials.

Starting from Wednesday, South Korea forces all entrants to undergo 2 weeks quarantine.

59 new cases are reported in Hong Kong, 40 of them have outbound travel records. A 31 years old police officer without travel records has also contracted the virus. The total case in Hong Kong is now 641.

New measures including the ban of more than 4 people gathering has been implemented in Hong Kong.

Multiple countries criticized China for its low quality test kits, Spain reported a 30% accuracy for testing COVID-19.

The Italian government said it is highly possible to extend the lockdown measures.

James Dolan, the supervisor of NBA team New York Liberty, is tested positive for the coronavirus.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned to further expand the restriction measures.

A newborn baby in Chicago, USA died from coronavirus.

Russia is closing all its borders from Monday onwards.

American President Donald Trump rejected the suggestion to quarantine New York, New Jersey and Connecticut; instead he issued domestic travel advisory to the 3 states.

Australia bans gathering of more than 2 people in public places.

2 American soldiers stationing Japan were tested positive.

WHO director Tedros said some countries with weak public health system should take aggressive measures to stop the spread of the pandemic.

15 new cases were reported in Taiwan, the Taiwanese government is looking into stricter measures to achieve social distancing, such as fining those who refuse to distance.

As outbound traffic from Hubei has started to loosen, multiple provinces including Henan and JiangXi are refusing entries from Hubei.

Source: RTHK, Now News, Apple Daily, Worldometer