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Trudeau Claims No Fear of China’s “Coercive Diplomacy”, Vows to Keep Speaking Out on Situation in Hong Kong and Other Global Human Rights Issues

The Chinese ambassador to Canada Cong Peiwu has warned Canada earlier not to grant political asylum to “violent criminals” from Hong Kong. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada would not stop speaking out loudly and clearly on global human rights issues, including the situation in Hong Kong and issues surrounding Uyghurs in Xinjiang. He added that he would continue criticizing China’s “coercive diplomacy.”

Just this September, Canada offered political asylum to a couple from Hong Kong and was met with objection from the Chinese government. Cong warned Canada on 15 October that it was unacceptable to offer political asylum to Hongkongers seeking protection from the Hong Kong national security law. Cong added that this move would affect the 300,000 Canadian passport holders in Hong Kong and the “health and safety” of Canadian companies in Hong Kong.

At a press conference held the following day, Trudeau responded by saying that while Canada did not want to escalate the situation, it would make it clear to its citizens that it would not stop speaking out on global human right issues and tolerate China’s “coercive diplomacy.”

Source: Stand News #Oct17

#Canada #HongKong #China #Trudeau #ConPeiwu #CoerciveDiplomacy #Asylum #Diplomacy

Sri Lankan Minister Defends Another Loan from China, Says “China Happens to Have the Cash”

Source: Apple Daily #Oct20

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Sri Lankan Minister Defends Another Loan from China, Says “China Happens to Have the Cash”

Sri Lanka is seeking a loan of 700 million US dollars (approximately 5.4 billion Hong Kong dollars) from China. As the opposition and dissidents expressed their concerns about the government’s reliance on China, the Minister of Money, Capital Market and Public Enterprise Reform Minister Ajith Nivard Cabraal defended the loan by saying that it was because “it’s China that happens to have the cash now.”

In an interview with The Hindu, Cabraal said, “In different times in world history, different countries have been the ones who have had the most amount of cash. And now it happens to be China, so China will naturally invest all over the world.…I think we should all respect that.”

Despite the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) estimate that Sri Lanka’s GDP would shrink by 7% this year due to the Wuhan virus pandemic, Cabraal was optimistic about the financial situation in Sri Lanka. He said that the country was seeking different ways to repay its debts, including getting more loans from China, securing a currency swap mechanism with China and India, and issuing samurai and panda bonds.

The Director of the CCP’s Central Foreign Affairs Commission Yang Jiechi is visiting Sri Lanka this month. Following the 500 million US dollars (approximately 3.9 billion Hong Kong dollars) that China gave Sri Lanka just this March to fight the Wuhan virus, the South Asian country is discussing another loan with the Chinese delegation. The country has so far borrowed over 5 billion US dollars (approximately 38.8 billion Hong Kong dollars) from China.

#SriLanka #China #AjithNivardCabraal #YangJiechi #Finance #Diplomacy #WuhanVirus #COVID19 #Pandemic

Source: Apple Daily #Oct20

Global Solidarity with 12 Hong Kong Youths

Thanks Vancourites to help in completing the huge poster. Vancouver Hong Kong Political Activists (VHKPoActs) hope to raise global awareness and demand China in immediate releases for 12 Hong Jong youths.

Source: VHKPoActs #Oct25


#Vancouver #save12HKyouths #HongKongprotest
#FirstHand #Oct31
The 14th month of the 831 Prince Edward Incident

1851 | Today marked the 14th month since the 831 Prince Edward incident, which HK police indiscriminately attacked pro-democracy protesters on their way home at the Prince Edward subway station after a day of rally.

It was believed that many protesters were brutally assaulted by police and many seriously injured.

Amidst the COVID-19 social gathering ban, young protesters continued to pay tribute to those injured at the station, bringing with them white flowers and handbills with protest messages.

#Oct31 #neverforget #neverforgive #831PrinceEdward
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#FirstHand #Oct31
Hongkongers Recreate the Soundscape of Prince Edward 8.31 Police Attack of Train Passengers

1856 | Prince Edward Station, Hong Kong

In commemoration of the victims of police brutality at Prince Edward Station 14 months ago, HongKongers have been bringing white flowers to the station at the last day of every month in the past year.

On Oct 31, 2020, citizens brought a loud speaker which was decorated into a miniature of the Prince Edward station to replay the soundscape of August 31, 2019: From the emergency announcement made by the MTR to the sound made by the police when chasing and beating train passengers.

#PrinceEdward831 #PoliceBrutality #NeverForget #ProtestArt
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#FirstHand #PrinceEdward831 #Oct31
Hong Kong Police Intercept Citizens Wearing Protest-themed Masks on #Halloween

1909 | Prince Edward Station

Police intercepted the citizens who carried installation and wore make-up in related to the 8.31 Prince Edward police attack on train passengers on Halloween.

The police also stopped and searched a citizen wearing a Guy Fawkes' mask.

Oct 31, 2020 marks 14 months after the police had attacked train passengers and barred first aiders and reporters from entering the Prince Edward Station on Aug 31, 2019.

#PoliceBrutality #HKLivesMatter #NeverForget
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#FirstHand #Oct31
District Councilor Arrested

2042 | Prince Edward Station
Ng Kin-wai, a member of Yuen Long District Council and a convenor of Tin Shui Wai Connection, was arrested at Prince Edward.

#PrinceEdward831 #PoliceBrutality #NeverForget #PoliceState
#FirstHand #Oct31
14 Months On, Hongkongers Refuse to Forget the Trauma of Prince Edward 8.31 Police Attack on Train Passengers

2014 | Prince Edward Station

In the past 14 months, Hongkongers have been bringing white flowers and paying tribute to the victims of police brutality on the last of every month.

On Oct 31, 2020, Hongkongers use each of their own way to commemorate the attack: some gave out flowers to passersby, some wore protest-themed masks on Halloween, and some brought installation to the station, despite that the police have tightened their control over the city.

#PrinceEdward831 #PoliceBrutality #NeverForget
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#FirstHand #Oct31
PPRB officer harasses journalist

2040 | Prince Edward, Hong Kong

An officer of the Police Public Relation Branch (PPRB) warned a citizen on the spot of exceeding the upper limit of people getting together with the same purpose under the group gathering restriction.

The citizen disagreed with the accusation as he was filming alone as a journalist and he aimed to monitor actions of police officers.

The PPRB officer didn’t have explicit instruction and the right judgement of the group gathering ban in execution.

#PrinceEdward831 #PoliceBrutality #NeverForget
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#FirstHand #Oct31
Police Obstruct Journalists' Work

20:20 | Prince Edward, Hong Kong

A massive number of police officers are currently deployed at Prince Edward Station as citizens paid tribute to victims of police brutality.

A group of officers became hostile and ordered journalists to stop filming. The police also filmed back.

#PrinceEdward831 #PressFreedom #PoliceState #NeverForget
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#FirstHand #Oct31
Police Raise Blue Warning Flag Accusing Citizens of "Destroying Stability"

22:02 | Prince Edward, Hong Kong
Like any last day of the month, Hongkongers mourned victims of police brutality outside Prince Edward Station.

On Aug 31, 2019, Hong Kong police notoriously attacked train passengers with pepper spray and baton. After 14 months, many Hongkongers refused to forget the trauma.

On Oct 31, 2020, citizens brought flowers to the station as usual but were faced with tremendous police opposition.

In the video, the police hoisted a blue warning flag and warned civilians on the spot of participating in an "illegal assembly". Meanwhile, an eye catching yellow banner that read "I want genuine universal suffrage" went past.

#PrinceEdward831 #NeverForget #IWantGenuineUniversalSuffrage #BlueFlag