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#PrisonVisit: #EddieChu Studying Vietnamese from Fellow Inmate, Says Wife

In Hong Kong, former pro-democracy legislator Eddie Chu remains in detention in Stanley Prison after being arrested in the 47 Democrats case.

His wife Au Pui-fun and daughter visited him at the prison last week; Au sported a red scarf to fend off the cold morning, and waited in line to register for their visit.

Chu had been studying Vietnamese, his wife relayed, and had been learning it from free apps since a month before his arrest. "He had been working very hard at it. The learning app has 5 levels, and he's ranked the 2nd fastest learner worldwide on it!"

After being sent to Stanley Prison, Chu had befriended a Vietnamese prisoner who taught him Vietnamese; in return, Chu taught the man Cantonese.

As mandatory work for prisoners, Chu was assigned to manufacture file folders. "He said he was so slow at the beginning; others made 50 folders in the time he made 5," his wife recalled with a chuckle. "I don't know about now; I haven't asked in a while."

During his detention, Chu noticed he woke up with discomfort under his left eye. Fortunately, examinations showed that it was only a natural degradation of his eye, and was not serious; he could manage it with regular eye drops. When asked, Chu said with a frown, "Of course, I looked at my phone too much when laying down. But it should be better now!" He said.

#PoliticalPrisoner #47Democrats #NeverGiveUp

Source: InMedia #Apr5
New-Elected Senates Asked for Pelosi's Explanation on Having China Daily in the Office without Requests

Source: Apple Daily #Jan12

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New-Elected Senates Asked for Pelosi's Explanation on Having China Daily in the Office without Requests

Ashley Hinson, a new Republican member of the House of Representatives, sent a letter to Nancy Pelosi last week, asking for an explanation on the appearance of the CCP media China Daily in the Congress office. She also stated her will of prohibiting China official publication from appearing in the Congress.

Hinson saw China Daily appearing in her office on Friday without asking for it. "Neither I nor my staff has requested, so I am shocked. I demand Pelosi, with her power of being the Head of the Congress, to stop the CCP from distributing their official publication in our godly building."

China Daily is being classified as communism propaganda by the State Council that it catches attention due to frequently reporting CCP's brutal claims. These reports include helping millions of Uyghurs women not only to be "childbirth machine" in the re-educational camps, and claiming the US has the first case of AIDS then spreading to the world.

Source: Apple Daily #Jan12


#US #China #CCP #Propaganda #Congress #NancyPelosi #AshleyHinson #ChinaDaily
China is betting that the West is in irreversible decline

Source: The Economist #Apr03

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China is betting that the West is in irreversible decline

ITS GAZE fixed on the prize of becoming rich and strong, China has spent the past 40 years as a risk-averse bully. Quick to inflict pain on smaller powers, it has been more cautious around any country capable of punching back. Recently, however, China’s risk calculations have seemed to change. First Yang Jiechi, the Communist Party’s foreign-policy chief, lectured American diplomats at a bilateral meeting in Alaska, pointing out the failings of American democracy. That earned him hero status back home. Then China imposed sanctions on British, Canadian and European Union politicians, diplomats, academics, lawyers and democracy campaigners. Those sweeping curbs were in retaliation for narrower Western sanctions targeting officials accused of repressing Muslims in the north-western region of Xinjiang.

Source: The Economist #Apr03


#China #CCP #Sanctions #British #Canadian #EuropeanUnion
Trudeau condemns closed-door espionage trial of Canadian in China

Justin Trudeau has reacted angrily to the closed-door trial of a Canadian man detained in China for more than two years on espionage charges, dismissing it as “completely unacceptable”.

Businessman Michael Spavor, whose hearing finished after less than three hours on Friday, is one of two Canadians detained, in apparent retaliation for Canada’s arrest on a US extradition warrant of the Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou, and formally charged last June with spying.

Source: The Guardian #Mar19


#Canada #China #Huawei #MengWanzhou
'Our souls are dead': how I survived a Chinese 're-education' camp for Uighurs

The man on the phone said he worked for the oil company, “In accounting, actually”. His voice was unfamiliar to me. At first, I couldn’t make sense of what he was calling about. It was November 2016, and I had been on unpaid leave from the company since I left China and moved to France 10 years earlier. There was static on the line; I had a hard time hearing him.

“You must come back to Karamay to sign documents concerning your forthcoming retirement, Madame Haitiwaji,” he said. Karamay was the city in the western Chinese province of Xinjiang where I’d worked for the oil company for more than 20 years.

Source: The Guardian #Jan12


#China #ReEducation #Uighurs #Xinjiang
#Smearing #Harrassement
HK Journalist Leaves Post After Being Attacked by Pro-China Group for Filming Documentary on Xinjiang’s 'Education Camp'

Source: Apple Daily #April12

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#Smearing #Harrassement
HK Journalist Leaves Post After Being Attacked by Pro-China Group for Filming Documentary on Xinjiang’s 'Education Camp'

A number of RTHK programs and journalists in Hong Kong have been repeatedly attacked by pro-China groups.

Among them is Yvonne Tong Yeuk-wun who hosts the English-language radio program "The Pulse" .

During her interview with #BruceAylward, the assistant director general of the #WHO in 2020, Tong raised a question of whether the management of WHO would reconsider the membership status of Taiwan.

Since then, she has been repeatedly targeted by pro-China activists. The #AppleDaily reporters have received information from sources at RTHK saying that Tong is suspected to have resigned from the ongoing pressure and will leave within this week.

A pro-China group went to RTHK earlier this month, accusing Tong of "using public money" to produce "anti-China fake news" by claiming that over a million people are being imprisoned in Xinjiang.

They demanded the station to have her fired. This is not the first time that pro-China groups have come to RTHK to protest against Tong.

Since the end of March in 2020, Tong was accused of violating the "#One China" policy by pro-China groups and even by The Commerce and Economic Development Bureau
after interviewing the WHO representative on "whether Taiwan's membership would be reconsidered".

Amen Ng Man-yee, the former head of Corporate Communications & Standards at RTHK, responded that Tong was carrying her job as a journalist and asked the question in a very matter-of-fact manner without any special meaning.

Source: Apple Daily #April12

#Journalist #FreedomOfSpeech #XinjiangCamp #BlueRibboners #ProChina
Over 100 UK parliamentarians call for tit-for-tat sanctions against China

Source: Apple Daily; Stand News #Apr15

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Over 100 UK parliamentarians call for tit-for-tat sanctions against China

//In a joint petition led by #ChrisPatten, the last British Governor of Hong Kong, 103 U.K. parliamentarians called on the U.K. government to sanction Chinese officials, in response to Chinese sanctions on British lawmakers and entities.

“These sanctions reflect the increasingly authoritarian nature of the Chinese Government, which seeks to sanction U.K. parliamentarians, academics, and leading lawyers for the ‘crime’ of daring to voice concern over the persecution of Uighurs,” Patten wrote in the letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“This unprecedented attack on democratic representatives of the Western world deserves a robust and coordinated response,” Patten wrote in the letter, which was posted on the Facebook page of human rights group #HongKongWatch.

“It is clear that the so-called ‘golden-era’ of relations between the U.K. and China is now over,” he added. “We would urge the Government to immediately review, publish, and implement a cross-departmental strategy on how the U.K. can deal with the growing challenge the Chinese Government presents to the democratic world.”

Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy, Asia Minister Stephen Kinnock and former leader of the Conservative Party, Iain Duncan Smith were among the signatories.//

Source: Apple Daily #Apr15
Image: Stand News


Captions in Monster Hunter are said to be Assaulting China, Resulting in Releasing and Removing Within a Day. China's Netizens Mock "Don't wanna Earn Money from China?"

Source: Stand News #Dec06

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Captions in Monster Hunter are said to be Assaulting China, Resulting in Releasing and Removing Within a Day. China's Netizens Mock "Don't wanna Earn Money from China?"

Monster Hunter, a game adaption movie, was released in China and Taiwan on December 4. However, the movie was fully off-shelf in China as one of the captions, said by the actor MC Jin, was claimed to be assaulting China. In the past, MC Jin was indicated as pro-Beijing and was criticised by the pro-democracy Hong Kong protestors. These two accusations made him difficult to get along with either sides. Some Chinese netizens criticised under his Weibo account that "Pretending to be a China-lover for many years and now using your knees to suppress Chinese? Huh?"

MC Jin Captions was accused to be assaulting China

The incident was from a movie scene with a soldier, acted by MC Jin, who said "Look at my knees", followed by someone saying "What kind of knees are these?" and an answer from MC Jin "Chinese". The Chinese subtitles did not directly translate to "Chinese" but only "Gold under a man's knees". Nevertheless, Chinese netizens still strongly criticised these captions. Some online sources said the cations were from a nursery rhyme in the second world war, "Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees, look at these", used as mocking the Chinese and Japanese tradition to bend down their knees, involving discriminatory elements.

After the movie release, some Chinese audience criticised the movie assaulting China, initiated a boycott against it, and asked the National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) to remove it from the shelf. Some netizens questioned, "What is (NRTA) doing? Don't they censor the movie?"

Moreover, some netizens protested at the comment field under the Weibo accounts of MC Jin and CAPCOM, the original game publishing company. especially for MC Jin, because of his previous stands being said to be pro-Beijing, this "China-assaulting case disappointed lots of Chinese netizens. "MC Jin did this action, isn't RMB attractive? Not wanting to earn money from China? It is weird for him to have this fault!"

#MonsterHunter #MCJin #China #Weibo #CAPCOM #NRTA

Source: Stand News #Dec06

Opinion: It’s time to recognize Taiwan as a country – but for the right reasons

If the Trudeau government truly believes in the principles of democracy and a rules-based international order, then it needs to start talking seriously with other stable democracies about formally recognizing Taiwan as the successful independent country it has become.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the decision by the United Nations General Assembly to expel the Republic of China, which had governed a broadly liberal-democratic China until its overthrow in 1949 by Mao Zedong’s People’s Liberation Army forced its government into exile on the islands of Taiwan.

#Taiwan #Country #Trudeau #Anniversary #RepublicOfChina

Source: The Globe and Mail #Apr16

China bans live Oscars broadcasts after Hong Kong protest film nominated

China ordered local media to cancel live broadcasts of next month’s Oscars ceremony and to play down coverage of the event after a documentary on the Hong Kong protests was nominated for an award, according to a new report.

The Communist Party’s propaganda department issued the order to all media outlets, Bloomberg reported, citing anonymous sources. Outlets were told that coverage of the 93rd Academy Awards, which will air April 25, should focus on awards that aren’t seen as controversial.

#China #Oscars #HongKong #Propaganda #Media

Source: Bloomberg #Mar17

Beijing funds British YouTubers to further its propaganda war

The Chinese government is funding British YouTube stars to produce pro-China propaganda videos, an investigation by The Times can reveal.

Sitting on a bench in a lush green park speaking to the camera in a Midlands accent, the only hint that the man in his 50s is in China are the characters on a small logo on his black hoodie.

However, the words being spoken in the YouTube video by Lee Barrett, praising the camps in Xinjiang, where Uighur Muslims are held in effect as slaves, could have been lifted straight out of the Communist Party propaganda notebook.

#China #Beijing #British #YouTubers #Propaganda

Source: Times #Jan09

HK Police Demands Journalists to Remove Black-Coloured Masks

Source: In-Media HK #April15

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#Censorship #NationalSecurity
HK Police Demands Journalists to Remove Black-Coloured Masks

April 15, 2021 is named the “National Security Education Day” in Hong Kong, and in conjunction with such day, the five training schools of the HKSAR Government disciplinary forces are open to the public.

The press were present at the Police College in Wong Chuk Hang in the afternoon to cover the opening ceremony. Chris Tang Ping-Keung, the Commissioner of the Police Force is reported to be present.

As the journalists enter the academy, at least three of them were asked to remove their black-coloured masks.

The Police Public Relations Branch claimed that black-coloured masks are "not allowed to be worn" inside the academy. When the journalist asked for the reason, the police officer said that “black-coloured ones are definitely not allowed today, either you remove it or cover it, don’t waste your breath with me.”

The officers provided masks in other colors for the journalists to change. “You can either change into this one, or you cover yours up.”

Source: In-Media HK #April15 #PoliceState #Mask #Discrimination
MPs from UK, US, and Canada Condemn Sentencing of 9 Veteran Pro-Democracy Figures and Calls for #Sanctions

Source: Stand News #Apr16

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MPs from UK, US, and Canada Condemn Sentencing of 9 Veteran Pro-Democracy Figures and Calls for #Sanctions

In a statement of condemnation issued via #HongKongWatch, a group of parliamentarians from UK, United States, and Canada denounced the sentencing and imprisonment of 9 of the "most moderate and distinguished pro-democracy activists" of Hong Kong for participating in the peaceful protest at Victoria park on Aug 18, 2019.

"The CCP's comprehensive assault on the freedoms of Hong Kong and its rule of law continues relentlessly", said former governor of Hong Kong Chris Patten. "The CCP simply does not understand that you cannot bludgeon and incarcerate people into loving a totalitarian and corrupt regime. While Hong Kong's values are attacked by the Communist Party, the regime is also careful in its attempt to safeguard the use of the city as a secret means for the family and friends of Beijing's leaders to store away the proceeds of their corruption."

UK shadow minister for Asia & Pacific Stephen Kinnock called it "dark day for democracy, free speech and liberty in Hong Kong". He praised the 9 activists as "brave" and "an inspiration to us all." He goes on to say that "by standing strong and united against the authoritarian bullying of the Chinese government they have set an example that democracies around the world would do well to follow."

US senator and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney called for the immediate release of the 9 pro-democracy activists. He said that they "stand with the people of Hong Kong in their fight for freedom and democracy", and exhorts the US administration to "work with our allies and partners to support the people of Hong Kong and impose meaningful sanctions on the CCP."

Canadian Senator Leo Housakos, who had been a proponent of Magnisky Act sanctions on Chinese officials since last year, asserted that not only must Canada "unequivocally condemn this tyrannical and oppressive behaviour", the country must also "do all that we can to provide refuge to those courageous enough to take on the communist regime of China."

The 9 veteran pro-democracy figures were found guilty for organizing and participating in unlawful assembly for taking part in the demonstration and march from Victoria Park on Aug 18, 2019. Their sentences range from 8 to 18 months, and only four of them received suspended sentences, while the rest are immediately jailed.

The verdict by Judge Amanda Woodcock noted that the case did not involve violence, however the potential risk of heightened emotions in gathering crowds escalating into violence must be accounted for.

Additionally, as all 9 defendants are well known public figures, when they lead a march, a large crowd would be sure to follow; therefore they made a "conscious decision" to commit a crime, with the intent to challenge the police, the law, and public order. The conclusion was that prison was the only appropriate sentence.

Source: Stand News #Apr16