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Mocking Trump's Medical Privilege, Chinese Officials Humiliated Themselves when their Superior Privilege Exposed

U.S. President Trump was hospitalized for the treatment of COVID-19 infection, and the Chinese officials took advantage of the opportunity, viciously attacking Trump. A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Hua Chunying, said that Trump received medical treatment with privilege. The Chinese netizens, however, mocked that the Official-privilege feature is the most common in China, in which senior officials seized 80% of the medical resources in the country when the citizens could only fend for themselves.

After President Trump was admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for treatment, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying posted on Twitter on Sunday (October 4) that "Yesterday, the U.S. reported 47,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 600 deaths. The suffering faced by these patients is heartbreaking. I sincerely hope that all American patients will receive 'first-class' treatment, like the president."

But the post immediately caused bombardment by Chinese netizens. They satirized Chinese officials for occupying medical resources.

Mr. Zhou, a legal profession, said Hua's remarks triggered a backlash from netizens, who were the most upset about the privileges of the Communist Party's bureaucracy. Mr. Zhou pointed out that the privileges of Communist Party officials actually covered all areas, including birth, old age, sickness, and death. Each province had jails just for the officials at the bureau level, and their treatment was far beyond the ordinary jails. Senior officials could even enjoy special care in prison. Including the privilege of medical resources, the feature of privilege began early since CCP's Yan'an times, and the state apparatus maintained the unjust system. The authority could suppress any criticism of this privilege.

Source: Radio Free Asia #Oct05

#China #CCP #Privilage #COVID19 #DonaldTrump #HuaChunying #ChineseNetizens #MedicalTreatment

UAE Donates COVID-19 Test Kits from BGI to Nevada, U.S. Government Warns Against Using it for Fear of Leakage of Patient Privacy

Source: Apple Daily #Oct16

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UAE Donates COVID-19 Test Kits from BGI to Nevada, U.S. Government Warns Against Using it for Fear of Leakage of Patient Privacy

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) donated 250,000 doses of Chinese-made COVID-19 test kits to the State of Nevada. However, the officials from the U.S. Department of Foreign Affairs and Homeland Security privately warned the State of Nevada not to use this batch of test kits due to concerns over patient privacy, the accuracy of the kits, and the involvement of the Chinese government.

U.S. intelligence agencies have been warning that China and other countries may use test samples to learn about the medical history of the tester, illnesses, or genetic characteristics of the test subjects, but they have not provided evidence. According to an internal email obtained by the Associated Press under the Public Records Act, the office of the Governor of Nevada shows that the U.S. authorities are most concerned about the test kits produced by BGI Group from China, the largest gene-sequencing company in the world.

William Puff, a Homeland Security regional attaché at the U.S. Embassy in Abu Dhabi, sent an email to Nevada officials, “I hope that the leadership of the Nevada COVID-19 Task Force is aware of this. As a result, they can make an informed decision and know some concerns of the U.S. government."

Source: Apple Daily #Oct16


#UAE #COVID19testkits #US #Nevada #USDeptofHomelandSecurity #USDeptofForeignAffairs #BGIgroup #Chinatestkits #AbuDhabi #COVID19 #WuhanCoronavirus #WilliamPuff
Dissertation from New Zealand Scholar, Revealing the Access of China to Sensitive Technology, Suppressed by Institution Along with an Investigation

Source: Apple Daily #Oct19

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Dissertation from New Zealand Scholar, Revealing the Access of China to Sensitive Technology, Suppressed by Institution Along with an Investigation

A New Zealand academic, who studies China issues, published a paper earlier, exposing China's infiltration and the use of New Zealand academic institutions to gain access to sensitive military technology. However, she is suppressed by the university where she teaches, prompting concern in Australia that China is threatening international academic freedom.

Anne-Marie Brady, a professor in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Canterbury, and a researcher at the Wilson Center, a think tank in Washington, first published in July this year in the academic journal Australian Foreign Affairs entitled, "What the Party Believes - Chinese Spy Tactics, and How to Resist". Then, she published another joint research report entitled "Holding a Pen in One Hand, Gripping a Gun in the Other".

Both papers mentioned, some Chinese companies and universities used their relationships with New Zealand academic institutions to steal sensitive technology that could use in the development of military technology. Both papers pointed out that the Chinese Communist Party used the merging of military and private institutions to expand the defense industry sector and enable technological advances.

Nevertheless, after the publication of the article, she was under suppression with a university internal investigation. Ian Wright, the vice-chancellor of the University of Canterbury, said the papers contained "wrong factual information and misleading inferences", and that the Wilson Centre had submitted the articles to the New Zealand parliament.

The attorney of Brady, Stephen Franks, bluntly dismissed the incident as absurd, and the university had even decided to refer Brady for disciplinary investigation because they did not like the results of her research. He added, “We are concerned that Brady may lose his teaching position.” Richard McGregor, a senior fellow at the Lowy Institute, also supported her, believing Brady "is a fearless and independent scholar on Chinese-related topics", resulting in "inevitably expose some unpalatable truths".

Source: Apple Daily #Oct19

#NewZealand #China #Australia #CanterburyUni #AnneMarieBrady #AcademicFreedom #CCP #SensativeTechnology #ChinaPoliticalInfluence
#CCPThreat #NationalSecurityLaw
#Ireland ends extradition deal with Hong Kong over security law

//Ireland has suspended its extradition treaty with Hong Kong following a review of a controversial new national security law.

The law introduced by Beijing criminalises acts of secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces and encompasses any activity that stokes resentment towards Beijing. Campaigners have claimed it will be used to quell pro-democracy demonstrations and that those deemed responsible for “severe” offences could be jailed for life.//

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Image: Stand News #Oct23
More than 35 cities join hands calling for global attention to #save12HKYouth, stopping pro-democracy activists being extradited to China for trial

It has been 64 days since the arrest of the 12 Hong Kong Youth by China's coastal guard when fleeing the city to Taiwan. An online assembly was called for on 25 October to sustain local and international attention in a bid to save these 12 pro-democracy youngsters from potential torture and oppression from Chinese authoritarianism.

In their own unique ways, more than 35 cities around the globe, including San Francisco, New York, Toronto, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Holland, and Sweden have showed their support to the detainees and their family members.

The 12 Hong Kong youths detained in Shenzhen is a watershed case for Hong Kong, which will influence whether the extradition of pro-democracy activists to stand trial in China becomes a common occurrence.

Sources: Apple Daily; Stand News; HK Citizens News; RTHK #Oct25
More than 35 cities join hands calling for global attention to #save12HKYouth, stopping pro-democracy activists being extradited to China for trial

In Hong Kong, the virtual rally began at 8pm on October 25. Within an hour, over 7,000 people joined Facebook page of the activists while over 3,500 shared the link.

The organiser of the event – the "Save 12 Hong Kong Youths" concern group – appealed to people who want human rights to be respected and justice to be served to show solidarity with the detainees and their families.

Sources: Apple Daily, Stand News, HK Citizens News, RTHK; #Oct25
#ChanTongGai #AntiELAB
HK Security Chief blames Anti-ELAB movement for Keeping Suspected Murderer from Surrendering to Taiwan

Source: Stand News; #Oct23

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#ChanTongGai #AntiELAB
HK Security Chief blames Anti-ELAB movement for Keeping Suspected Murderer from Surrendering to Taiwan

Chan Tong-kai, suspected murderer of his pregnant girlfriend during their vacation trip in Taiwan, has still not turned himself in to Taiwan authorities as promised. While Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council asked HK government to first respond to their mutual legal assistance request before issue of an entry visa, the mother of the murder victim demanded the government to immediately hand over Chan's confession statement and other relevant evidence to Taiwan.

Secretary for Security John Li Ka-Chiu retorted on October 22, putting the blame on the anti-ELAB movement for stopping promulgation of the proposed fugitive law, and left the government with no legal basis to provide legal assistance as requested. Li said, “it’s the citizens’ choice. I can’t breach the law on this matter.”

Li also said that it is “utterly unreasonable and impractical” for Taiwan authorities to set legal assistance as a prerequisite for Chan's surrender.

In a response on the same evening, Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council restated that the murder case involves the jurisdictions of both Hong Kong and Taiwan and the execution of public powers involved, and so both governments must first come to an agreement on the relevant issues before discussing how Chan would enter Taiwanese borders. The Shilin District Prosecutors Office also calls for the government of Hong Kong to respond practically to Taiwan's existing request for judicial assistance in order to carry out their investigations, and to quickly bring the suspect to trial, in order to ensure justice is achieved.

The Mainland Affairs Council also noted that the response by the Hong Kong government appealed to emotions rather than facts, and was illustrative of their passive and evasive attitude towards the case. The Council demanded the Hong Kong government to take responsibility and begin discussing with Taiwan for a solution to the case, so that justice can soon be rendered to the victim and their family.

Source: Stand News #Oct23