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#Taiwan beats China to win gold in #badminton men's doubles

Source: InMedia #Aug1

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#Taiwan beats China to win gold in #badminton men's doubles

In the badminton men's doubles final on July 31, 2021, Lee Yang and Wang Chi-Lin of Taiwan defeated China's Li Junhui and Liu Yuchen in straight sets, with a score of 21-18 and 21-12. This was Taiwan's historic gold medal in badminton.

In Hong Kong, more than 200 people gathered at APM mall in Kwun Tong, watching live broadcast of the match by Cable TV Olympics 601 channel.

Every time when the Taiwan team scored, the crowd clapped their hands. In the determining second round, when Taiwan won by scores and the China team conceded losing the challenge, all in the mall applauded in roaring cheers.

At the award ceremony, the plum blossom flag representing Taiwan's Chinese Olympic Committee was raised taking the top most position.

However, in Hong Kong, Cable TV did not broadcast the award ceremony after Taiwan won gold. Instead, mixed 4 x 400 metres relay was broadcast which was completed some time earlier. The relay was a delayed broadcast.

Source: InMedia #Aug1
The number of times of Carrie Lam being captured choking and In tears in front of the TV programmes.

#CarrieLam #AntiELAB #GoHKgraphics
Nobel Prize winners say China tried to 'bully' scientists into disinviting Dalai Lama from meeting

More than 100 Nobel laureates are expressing outrage over what they say was an attempt by the Chinese government to "bully the scientific community" earlier this year by seeking to censor two Nobel laureates during the Nobel Prize Summit in April held by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine and the Nobel Foundation.

They say the Chinese Embassy in Washington demanded that the summit disinvite two speakers, the Dalai Lama and the Taiwanese chemist Yuan T. Lee — both Nobel Prize winners who have criticized Chinese policy regarding their native lands.

After they rejected the Chinese demands, the Nobel laureates allege, a video transmission during the session was disrupted "by a presumed cyberattack," though they are not able to attribute it to China.

Source: NBC #Jul30


#Nobel #Prize #China
China's Nationalistic ‘Wolf Warriors’ Blast Foes on Twitter

On Monday, Li Yang, China’s consul general in Rio de Janeiro, took to Twitter to mock the rescue efforts following the Surfside, Florida, building collapse. “American-style rescue: very layman in saving people, but too expert in blasting!!!” Li wrote, including side-by-side pictures of the partially collapsed condominium and its demolition with explosives.

In other recent tweets, Li called Adrian Zenz, a researcher who has written extensively about internment camps in Xinjiang, a liar. Li also referred to Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau as “boy” and branded him “a running dog of the U.S.” Such outbursts have helped Li rack up nearly 27,000 followers on Twitter—even though the platform is blocked in China.

Source: Wired #Jul10


#China #Wolf #Twitter #Platform
#PolceState #WhiteTerror
Police Arrests Hong Kong's Pro-Democrscy Cantopop Star #AnthonyWong

On August 1, 2021, the #ICAC in Hong Kong arested the city's well known Cantopop singer #AnthonyWong for "corruption charges" during the 2018 by-election.

Lyricist Abert Lam posted on his social media, condemning the arrest made by the authorities and calling it a "scandal".

Source: Citizens News #Aug1

#PoliticalPersecution #PoliceState
HK Pro-democracy Activist punished in solitary confinement for arbitrary offences

Source: InMedia #Jul24

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#PoliticalPersecution #PoliceState
HK Pro-democracy Activist punished in solitary confinement for arbitrary offences

On July 20, 2021, Former Councilor of Southern District, #TiffanyYuen Ka-wai, had finished serving her 4-month jail term after taking part in the June 4 vigil at Victoria Park in 2020, which was banned by the police for the first time in 30 years.

At the end of her prison term, she was sent to the Lo Wu Correctional Facility to continue to be detained for charges linked to the pro-democracy camp primaries of Legislative Council election in 2020.

At the detention cell, she hugged several other pro-democracy activists also being detained.

Soon afterwards, Yuen was penalized by the authorities for “making physical contact with other prisoners” and placed in solitary confinement for 10 days.

Yuen’s friend Wong Li-li told reporters that there was no enforcement guidelines in the Correctional Services Department decision. Wong explained that “physical contacts” occur naturally in prison routines, condemning that the Department’s decision is arbitrary and targeting unfairly at Yuen.

Look into the Prison Rules in Hong Kong for offences against prison discipline, it certainly didn’t consist of making “physical contact with other prisoners," Wong said.

#HKProtest #NationalSecurityLaw #WhiteTerror #FailedState

Source: InMedia; #Jul24


#PoliticalSuppression #PoliticalActivists #Prison
#PoliceState #PoliticalSupression
Hong Kong student activist traumatised by national security probe

Source: Daily Record; #Jul31

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#PoliceState #PoliticalSupression
Hong Kong student activist traumatised by national security probe

On July 29, 2020, the National Security Department of the Hong Kong Police Force arrested several members of #StudentLocalism, a pro-democracy student organization in Hong Kong, including the group’s convenor #TonyChung Hon-lam and spokersperson, #YanniHo Yan-nok on suspicion of "inciting secession".

A year later, Chung was still in custody, although Ho was released unconditionally in early 2021 and her passport was returned to her.

Ho left Hong Kong subsequently for the US and expressed her thoughts on social media.

Ho wrote that although a year has passed, she could still recall clearly the moment when she was arrested by the National Security Police. The shock and fear lingered in her mind.

She was only 17 year old and was stunned by the arrest. It has never come across to her that she could be among the first arrestees by National Security Police and she was not mentally prepared. 

Ho said that she is now residing in US, a land of freedom. Despite that, she could not distance herself from the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong, especially when knowing that her friends are facing national security charges and unpredictable sentences.

Ho wrote, “I’ve lost too much last year. Many of my friends have been detained, imprisoned and in exile. I, indeed, regret for not spending more time with them when we were still free.”

#HKProtest  #NationalSecurityLaw  #WhiteTerror #Youth

Source: Daily Record; #Jul31
The HKSAR government reshuffle the current major senior officials. 3 police officers get promoted.

#CarrieLam #HKSARgovernment #HKPF #GoHKgraphics
As threats of ‘new Cold War’ between U.S. and China intensify, Canada needs firm strategy to adapt

Back in April, prominent U.S. senator Chuck Schumer tabled a sweeping 1,445-page bill that would lay the groundwork for America’s broad strategy to blunt China’s global rise.

The legislation, called the Innovation and Competition Act, identifies strategic industries like quantum computing, advanced semiconductors and pharmaceuticals, where it recommends the U.S. should ramp up public support. It proposes deeper protections for critical minerals, expands research spending, and aims to strengthen cyber defence capabilities, among other things.

Source: National Post #Jul31


#China #US #Canada #ColdWar
The foreigners in China’s disinformation drive

In recent years, the "vloggers" have been increasingly presenting themselves as China-lovers, spreading Communist Party disinformation.

YouTube labels Chinese state media like broadcaster CGTN as government-funded. But there is little policing when it comes to individuals promoting similar narratives.

Some vloggers are suspected of co-operating with state-owned outlets to spread China's rhetoric to the world. But it's far from clear what really motivates them, or how effective this strategy is.

Source: BBC #Jul11


#China #Vlogger #CCP #CGTN
#Censorship #PoliceState
HK National Security Police cracks down even Speech Therapists over children’s books

Source: InMedia; #Jul22

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#Censorship #PoliceState
HK National Security Police cracks down even Speech Therapists over children’s books

On July 22, 2021, the Hong Kong Police’s National Security Department arrested 5 committee members of the General Union of Hong Kong Speech Therapists (#GUST) on "seditious publications", accusing them of "violating the Criminal Offences Ordinance".

Li Kwai-wah, a senior superintendent in the Police’s National Security Department, said in a news briefing that the book and others published by the Union are "instilling hatred among children".

He claimed that the book titled “The Guardians of Sheep Village” is taking the background of Anti-extradition Law Amendment Bill (Anti-ELAB) Movement in Hong Kong.

Li said the story of the wolves invading the village and devouring the sheeps is referring to the conflicts between mainland Chinese (the wolves) and HongKonger (the sheeps). He explained the Force's interpretation based on the book's depiction of wolves entering the village in sheep’s clothing as an allegory of local people’s livelihood being messed up.

Li also condemned that the book for depicting the sheeps retaliating the wolves’ attack with their horns.

According to Li. it is provoking violence and criminal behavior, “sheep, although mild and timid, is portrayed as ferocious and capable of inflicting violence.”

Some reporters pointed out that another book “The Cleaner of Sheep Village”, which describes the COVID-19 pandemic, is not from the same series.

Li, however, insisted that all the Union’s storybooks are connected and "part of a series”.

“Once you have read the first book and the second book, you’ll come to know who the sheeps and the wolves are alleging to. Readers will naturally follow the same logic when they read the third book.”

Li taunted the reporters in the briefing, “Is it necessary to portray wolves in such a vulgar manner that they are filthy and spit everywhere? Are these facts?”

#FreedomOfSpeech #SheepVillage #RedLine #NationalSecurityLaw #ThoughtPolice #Children #sedition

Source: InMedia; #Jul22
#IOC asks Chinese team for report on cyclists' #MaoZedong badges

The International Olympic Committee on August 3, 2021 asked the Chinese team for a report on why two of its medallists appeared on the podium wearing badges featuring the head of the country's former leader Mao Zedong.

Gold medal cyclists Bao Shanju and Zhong Tianshi wore the badges during a medal ceremony on Monday, August 2, 2021 in a potential breach of Olympic rules on the display of political paraphernalia.

"We contacted the Chinese Olympic Committee and asked them for a report on the situation," IOC spokesperson Mark Adams said. "We are looking into the matter."

Source: Reuters #Aug3

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Japan Defense White Paper first indicates the importance of stability of Taiwan situation

Source: I-Cable #Jul13

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Japan Defense White Paper first indicates the importance of stability of Taiwan situation

Japan published a new defense white paper, first indicates the importance of stability of Taiwan. They concern the Taiwan issues will intensify the opposition between China and USA, China resolutely oppose and emphasizes that they will not allow any country to involve into Taiwan issues.

The white paper first adds in the chapter of analyzing the relationship between China and USA, indicates that the competition on political, economic and military between China and USA becomes obvious, both countries take the attitude of checking each other. Japan concerns the change of the military balance of the two countries will influence the peace and stability of Indo-Asia region.

And in the China-USA chapter, there is an item named “Taiwan”, first mentions the Taiwan situation has stability to security of Japan, and it’s important to international social stability as well. Japan must keep alert and concern Taiwan situation.

Source: I-Cable #Jul13


#Taiwan #Japan #China #USA #stability