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Woman Carrying American Flag Forced to Take Off Mask Despite Health Regulations, Shoved Around By Police

1916 | APM, #KwunTong

A middle-aged woman carrying an American flag was being chastised by riot police. Officers surrounded the woman, hurling insults and pushing the woman around. She was ordered to take off her masks, despite a second wave of community outbreak happening in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, 4 young men and women were arrested.

Source: First Hand
#FirstHand #July6 #NationalSecurityLaw #Defiance #HKProtests
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Police Rush in APM, Unfurl National Security Law's Purple Flag

20:31 | Kwun Tong APM

Source: First Hand
#FirstHand #July6 #NationalSecurityLaw #Defiance #HKProtests
Police Rush Into Food Court, Arrest Man Shouting Slogans For Suspected Violation of National Security Law

20:36 | Kwun Tong

Source: First Hand
#FirstHand #July6 #NationalSecurityLaw #Defiance #HKProtests
#NationalSecurityLaw #Article43
Hong Kong security law: Police handed power to do warrantless searches, freeze assets, intercept comms, control internet

//Hong Kong police will be authorised to conduct searches at private properties without a warrant, restrict suspects’ movements, freeze their assets, intercept communications and require internet service providers to remove information, as the city’s leader handed more powers to the force for implementing the new national security law.

On Monday night, the government gazetted the details of Article 43 of the controverisal legislation, which criminalises secession, subversion, terrorism and foreign interference. It came after the first meeting of the Committee for Safeguarding National Security of the HKSAR, chaired by Chief Executive Carrie Lam.//

Source: Hong Kong Free Press #Jul6 #CarrieLam

After going shopping today, I took a red minibus which broke down on my way home

(1 Jul) Of course, I went shopping during my day off. Nearly evening, I was getting very sweaty after shopping the whole day. I took the red minibus from Causeway Bay to Mong Kok and found out all the passengers were young people after getting into the minibus. The atmosphere was tense, and everyone looked tired. The driver asked, "everybody! Do you mind to pay extra $5HKD for changing the route by using Western Harbour Crossing tunnel (WHC)? If there's a roadblock in front of us, it may take a long time to wait for the search." Everyone agreed, "we don't mind paying a little extra".

The driver was moving in full speed to fight his way out. However, suddenly, "Damn shit! No gas." The minibus started to run slow at the slope of Fleming road. The driver called his friend urgently for help. I started thinking, "what can I do to help? Should the driver call for a tow truck? Do we need to switch to another minibus?".

Finally, our minibus stopped across from the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The liquefied petroleum gas filling station is behind a playground between Marsh Road and Wan Chai, we still had some distance to reach the station. A rescue driver B arrived with another minibus. I was thinking how can he help? Surprisingly, the way was to push our van by another van!!

We were all laughing hysterically
. People on the street stared at us. Young people in the minibus waved hands to people outside. Full of joy at that moment! Two minibuses moved forward by clinging each other. Finally, we arrived at the gas station. The driver said, "push, nearly arrive!" He asked the staff at the gas station if they could pull a gas hose out (the answer was no). Anyway, we reached the destination finally. Everyone got off and waited. Driver B checked if there was any scratch on his minibus, "Fuck! That worked." Driver A said, "Brother, let me know if you need help next time." Real code of brotherhood.
After filling up the gas, I received a call from my mother and spoke softly, "I just crossed the underwater tunnel. Don't worry."

After reaching the destination, the driver apologized sincerely to everyone. Before getting off, everybody said, "No worries!"
I felt like I was watching a movie from the 90s'. Everyone said Hong Kong was dead recently, but I have a feeling that the spirit of "every cloud has a silver lining" was rooted in the heart of every Hongkonger. It can't be eliminated.

"Are you kidding?!" Nope. We will always find the solution in the end because "we fucking love Hong Kong."

Editor's note:
1) That was the first day of Hong Kong Nationality Security Law went into effect. 2) A big rally was hosted in Causeway Bay that afternoon.

Source: Stand News

#CausewayBay #1Jul #Hongkongers #Brotherhood #HongKongSpirit #minivan

The bank account of Apple Daily’s Charity fund cancelled by Bank Of China, rumour says the reason is “paying tuitions for students”

(15 Jun) In March 2020, Pro-Beijing organization protested at the Revenue Tower in Wan Chai and suspected that Apple Daily Charitable Foundation was supporting rioters behind the scene in the name of charity work. Apple daily reported that the Foundation’s bank account in Bank of China(BOC) had been cancelled by the bank due to “commercial reasons”.

In Apple Daily’s report, The Charitable Foundation’s BOC account was closed down by the bank due to commercial reasons, and the other three accounts are operating as normal. The fund in the BOC account has been transferred to the other accounts.

According to Apple Daily, BOC staff contacted Mr. Chow Tat Hey, the Chief Executive of the foundation, regarding the protest at the Revenue tower. Mr. Chow explained to the BOC officer, saying the Foundation’s initiative is to support students, to help all the students who are facing financial difficulties because of the Anti Elab movement, and they will not screen applicants based on their political stances. However, the bank did not accept such an explanation and cancelled the account officially by sending a letter to the foundation on 4 May. In the letter, there was no mention of the reason for such a decision.

In March, there was Pro-Beijing group protesting at the Revenue tower, raising banners with slogans like “Toxic apple Fake charity, Funds to the Rioters”, etc, and the group suspected that the initiative of supporting students violates the definition of a charitable organization, and requested the Inland Revenue Department to cancel the charity status of Apple Daily Charitable Foundation.

Apple Daily Charitable Foundation started the initiative of supporting students in the past and claims to provide assistance to University students and students of tertiary education, who are unable to pay tuition and school fees due to family conflicts arising from the Anti elab protest. Apple Daily claims that the Foundation has received 7.85M donations as of 7 June, and is providing assistance to more than 10 students.
Standnews has sent an inquiry to BOC, who refused to comment on this particular case when replying and claimed that the bank has followed respective laws when managing the accounts in their daily operations.

Source: The Stand News

#AppleDaily #CharitibleFoundation #ChinaInfluence #BankOfChina #AntiELAB

Bank of China client information "extradited to China", data on the opening of accounts and loans sent to Guangxi subsidiary for processing approved by Hong Kong Monetary Authority

(12 Jun, updated 0:30, 13 Junto add response from Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data)

Stand News has learned that the Bank of China (Hong Kong) [BOCHK] intends to allocate a portion of its data processing and auditing work to its wholly-owned subsidiary in Nanning, Guangxi. This has been approved by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority [HKMA]. However, whether its clients are aware that documents containing their personal information, including assets and loans, are to be "extradited to China" remains questionable. The BOCHK responded that they strictly adhered to the relevant laws and regulations in Hong Kong to ensure the proper handling of client information. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data [PCPD] stated that organisations that transfer information should inform their clients.

//This implies the "extradition" of personal and asset information from much of its clientele in Hong Kong.

//The BOCHK did not answer Stand New's inquiry on whether it will notify its clients of the new arrangements.

//the BOCHK is not outsourcing to a third-party business in this case, but to its wholly-owned subsidiary.

//process and store personal client information both within and outside of Hong Kong's borders. At the same time, the bank may transfer client information to regions outside of Hong Kong's jurisdiction and conduct any matching procedures*.

Full translation:

Source: Stand News

#Extradition #BOCHK #ClientInformation #Privacy #Finance
US-China spat puts future of Hong Kong dollar in the spotlight

//Hong Kong has become a focal point in tensions between the US and China, which means that the linked exchange-rate system in place for the past few decades — tying the local dollar to the US dollar — is also in the spotlight.

//The head of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, the city’s de facto central bank, told the Financial Times recently that the task of defending the Hong Kong dollar has become easier in a world of rock-bottom interest rates.

//The Hong Kong dollar came under fierce pressure too.

//These days, the gap between three-month US and Hong Kong rates is about half a percentage point, which means the incentive for holding the local currency is small.

//if the link were to come under sustained pressure, and higher interest rates proved inadequate to stem outflows, the HKMA might not look to the US Federal Reserve to supply a flow of US dollars.

//That Hong Kong would rely on China rather than the US for support in maintaining the level of the Hong Kong dollar is a sign of the politicisation of central banks, as the stand-off between Beijing and Washington endures.

//In that context, the US central bank would be “crazy” to allow a drawdown of US dollars to the HKMA “without permission from the US Treasury”

//confidence in the system does not depend simply on the weapons that the HKMA is able to deploy... In the past, the strength of the exchange-rate system was ultimately about confidence in the future of Hong Kong as the meeting ground between the worlds of Western capitalism and so-called socialism with Chinese characteristics.

//But as demonstrated this week by the new national security law for Hong Kong, hurriedly approved by Beijing, it is now very much a Chinese city.

Full Article: Financial Times, (01-Jul)

#HongKong #Economic #exchangerate
#US #China #NationalSecurityLaw #HKMA

Canadian sentenced to eight years in jail by China, renounces citizenship

//A Chinese court has sentenced a Falun Gong practitioner who held a Canadian passport to eight years in prison for belonging to a spiritual movement that Beijing calls a “cult.”

//Sun Qian also renounced her Canadian citizenship in the process – a move her supporters say she made under duress and torture.

//China’s legal system made its decision just weeks after a British Columbia judge ruled against Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou, who was arrested at Vancouver International Airport in late 2018 on a U.S. extradition request. Ms. Sun’s supporters say they believe the ruling Tuesday is linked to the Meng case.

//Ms. Sun was sentenced nearly 3½ years after her arrest. Barred from using her own legal counsel in court, she appeared with a court-designated lawyer and “voluntarily abandoned her Canadian citizenship and waived her right to appeal,”

//He said she was threatened, intimidated, deceived and deprived of freedom, adding her decisions to confess, take a court-appointed lawyer, waive an appeal and give up her Canadian citizenship don’t add up. “All these are against common sense and are merely the results of her being deprived of free will,”

//Li Xun, president of the Falun Dafa Association of Canada, decried China’s treatment of Ms. Sun and called on the Canadian government to demand her release.

//Mr. Li said Ms. Sun “has suffered at the hands of the evil Communist Party for over three years,” and recounted her mistreatment. “She has been illegally detained and physically and mentally tortured with reports of her being shackled, handcuffed to a steel chair, pepper-sprayed in the face and under sustained brainwashing and psychological manipulation.”

Full article: The Globe and Mail, (30-Jun)

Further reading:
‘No remedy, no rights’: China blocks foreigners from leaving
Causeway Bay Bookseller 10 Years in Prison for "illegally providing intelligence overseas"

#Huawei #China #Canada #FalunGong
Taiwan warns citizens of potential travel risks to Hong Kong visits after China passes National Security law.

The security legislation imposed on Hong Kong sets the stage for the most radical changes to the former British colony’s way of life since it returned to Chinese rule 23 years ago.

The new law would “severely impact” freedom, democracy, and human rights in Hong Kong, Taiwan’s cabinet stated, adding that the democratic island would continue to offer help to Hong Kong people.

Authorities in Beijing and Hong Kong have repeatedly said the legislation is aimed at a few “troublemakers” in Hong Kong and will not affect rights and freedoms nor investor interests.

Nevertheless, Taiwanese are warned of “possible risks” when visiting Hong Kong in light of the legislation.

Source: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-hongkong-protests-taiwan/taiwan-warns-citizens-of-risk-in-hong-kong-visits-after-china-passes-law-idUSKBN2410EG?il=0&__twitter_impression=true

#Taiwan #HongKong #TravelRisks #NSL

How China uses malware to track Muslim Uighurs, even if they’ve fled the country

//2 million Muslim Uighurs have been reportedly been incarcerated in re-education camps and members of the Uighur diaspora living outside of China say the government’s mass surveillance apparatus makes it impossible to contact family members without being monitored.

//China has been using software to track Uighurs and their diaspora since 2013. The malware followed Uighurs even as they fled China.

//The software is installed on mobile devices and is taking information without the owner’s knowledge. The malware focuses specifically also on apps that are keyboards or fonts for Uighur, indicating that the targeting is happening in a very particular way.

//those who are targeted to be aware of how at-risk they might be and take necessary precautions.

Full Article: The World

#Xinjiang #Uighurs #Apps #Surveillance #Malware #China #HumanRights
A breakdown of how Hong Kong's National Security Law works.

#CCP #PoliceState

Standing on the Right Side of History

By Kai Chi Leung

Hong Kong has always been marginalized, its development fraught with conflicts. The earliest records show how areas near China’s coastal South, which is where Hong Kong is now, have been subdued by the powers of Zhongyuan (Central Plains in China) for over a thousand years. The expansion of Western powers in East Asia brought about Hong Kong’s establishment as a commercial port. Happenings before and after the Cold War also facilitated Hong Kong’s development. These historically significant periods were marked by local and even global clashes, it is thus safe to say that conflicts have always been an intrinsic part of Hong Kong’s history.

The main problem is ensuring one does not stand on the wrong side of history, to minimise collateral damage amidst these clashes, and to be prepared for what is ahead.

Clashes that Hong Kong faces today, as in the past, are largely a part of what is happening on a global level. It just so happened that Hong Kong has once again become the eye of the storm. The origin of these clashes is one party’s belief that the world functions entirely around the ancient 'law of the jungle'. There is reason for this mentality. After all, Hong Kong’s existence is a product of the West’s military prowess. If we were to apply the same mentality today and believe that we can restore our status through military prowess, it can only be seen as outdated and a misjudgment of the situation at hand. The world no longer goes by the same rules.

On the contrary, everybody else seems to have realized that the use of contracts is a much more cost-effective way to get things done relative to believing might makes right. Take the relationship between a government and her people for example. When a government earns her people’s endorsement through the social contract, her people will take the initiative to contribute and comply, subsequently leading to smaller chances of rebellion and less expenditure on maintaining social stability through force.

The same applies to relationships between nations. If nations act by the book, global interactions in the future becomes much more predictable and the cost of transactions will be significantly lower, thereby benefitting all parties involved. People have learned from history that having contracts is more effective, it is also understood as the contemporary way of to solve problems.

Regretfully, some people still live in the past, using century-old, obsolete frameworks to pursue their idea of a nation’s revival, and approaching the world with a vengeful attitude. As such, they ignore all forms of contracts and disregard the reality that contracts are the contemporary world's order and hope. A new round of clashes is thus sparked.

Where do the people of Hong Kong stand amidst these clashes? Faith is a must in these turbulent times. I do not have a crystal ball, but I believe civilization does follow certain paths in its development. Previously, the 'law of the jungle' was replaced with contracts, because contracts were found to be more advantageous fundamentally. Those who still stand in favour of the 'law of the jungle' must rely on self-proliferation, which is inherently self-limiting. Those who stand in favour of contracts, with the belief that all are equal, are those whose potential is unlimited. The choice is actually not that difficult to make.

History will judge the events that come after. No one has the same answer, but it is almost certain that without faith, one will not survive these ordeals.

I feel blessed to be living in this critical era and witnessing the progression of civilization. To be able to walk in faith with a million people is also an enormous blessing. In case I do not have the opportunity to say this in the future, I’ll say it here: My heartfelt thanks, Hong Kongers.

Written in Hong Kong
30 June 2020

Source: https://www.facebook.com/594642803906393/posts/3050566268314022/

#LeungKaiChi #History
Nothing will waver Hong Kong people's determination to pursue freedom. They may silence us, but our spirit will never die.

//Being and nothingness//


#Grafitti #HongKongSpirit #FreedomOfSpeech
#mothers #protesterstory

A Mother and also a Frontliner

I know Ms. D from before due to work. She is a mother who was born in the 80s and raising a 7-year-old boy. Just like many others, she did not pay much attention to politics before this social movement. on 9 June 2019, she participated in a march for the first time. She originally decided to go by herself, believing that her child is still too young to understand. “My son kept asking me where I was going, I gave him a simple explanation. He replied saying, ‘I also want to go and fight for my rights!’ In the end, we went together.”

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Ms. D hoped to be a “peaceful, non-violent protester” but she changed her mind one day in July 2019. Ms D and her son were planning to head home after having dinner in Prince Edward that day but a group of riot police suddenly charged towards them. “Mum, I am not scared of getting injured.” Ms. D could never have imagined her son telling her that he would like to stay and help those big brothers and sisters fighting at the front line, fighting for things that were ours to begin with.

At that point, Ms. D could not stop the tears from streaming down her face anymore. “Even a young child can differentiate what is right or wrong. What are we adults still waiting for?” she said.

On 21 July 2019, Ms. D felt she could not no longer bear it, so she started to walk closer and closer to the front, becoming one of the frontline fighters. After that, she experienced the clashes on 31 August in Prince Edward and on 1 October in Tsuen Wan, she could still remember what happened. “To be honest, I didn’t know what I could do at first and I only knew there is always something for everyone to do. For me, I have worked in every position – frontline fighter, supplies, ‘parent’, scout, first-aider… There is something to do long as you are willing to take a step forward,” Ms. D said.

Ms. D went alone every time and she would tell her child every time she went out. I asked how her son reacted at that time. She said the siege at Polytechnic University was the only time her son did not allow her to go. “During that period of time, my son was always worried that I would not return home. Actually, he would send me a message through WhatsApp every time I went out and say that he has cooked me dinner, waiting for me to get home. Even though the youngster understands why she would go out, he still worries and watches live broadcast whenever she is out.

As a mother, who would not be afraid of being arrested or getting hurt? What if something happens, the child will be left alone. “I have contingency plans. Just in case something happens to me, my friend will contact an organisation and they will arrange care for my son.” It is absolutely unimaginable that a mother has to sacrifice this much. I felt terrible after hearing her story but at time same time, I appreciate and respect both this mother and her son.

“I stand out there to protect my child’s future. For those who have kids, do you see their future? Please don’t wait till one day when we can’t come out anymore and regret that you didn’t fight for it before!” D said emphatically.

Mothers are always there to provide support whenever we feel weak or tired. Their love is gentle and dependable. However, mothers do not only play a supportive role in this social movement. Mothers can also stand at the very front, they can also be valiant fighters.

On Mother’s Day this year, may peace be with every comrade who is also a mother. They walk out to the front as they hope that the next generation will not have to live under the rule of such a government. Females, mothers have not been fragile in this movement. Because of their love, they are determined to continue in this fight.

Source: Wong Ji Yuet Facebook, https://m.facebook.com/105526877678603/posts/146615460236411/?d=n

#NationalSecurityLaw #MetroparkHotel #PRC
Hotel in Hong Kong Used as Provisional Office for National Security Bureau, Displaying PRC's Emblem

0040 | Metropark Hotel, Causeway Bay
The National Security Bureau, established under the National Security Law, was installed in the Metropark Hotel in downtown Hong Kong temporarily.

The emblem of the People's Republic of China is being installed onto the wall of the hotel.

Source: Eggs' Club #Jul8