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#Surveillance #WhiteTerror #HappyValley
Mysterious Blue-Clad People "Have Duties to Fulfill" Around China's Liaison Office, National Security Office and Happy Valley in Hong Kong

Source: Apple Daily #Aug10
#LiaisonOffice #CCP #ChinaTravelServices #NationalSecurityLaw #1C1S

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#Surveillance #WhiteTerror #HappyValley
Mysterious Blue-Clad People "Have Duties to Fulfill" Around China's Liaison Office, National Security Office and Happy Valley in Hong Kong

The PRC's Liaison Office has purchased many buildings in Happy Valley and other locations in Hong Kong. It was said that they are to be used as staff dormitories.

Since the National Security Law (NSL) has been enforced in Hong Kong on June 30, 2020, many mysterious people dressed in blue have reportedly been showing up for surveillance in Happy Valley.

They not only took photos and patrolled the area, but also approached residents to obtain information about that community. A resident said that he has made reports to the police, but the police responded, “they [those people dressed in blue] have duties to fulfill. It’s does not concern you.”

Apple Daily reporter has discovered that these blue-clad personnels were responsible for protecting the people getting off the coaches which belong to China Travel Services (CTS) and these vehicles travel between Sai Wan, where the Liaison Office is located, and Happy Valley every evening.

These people dressed in blue were also found around the National Security Office and Parkcrest owned by Hong Kong Liaison Office at Unit No. 8 of Yan Wah Terrence in Sai Wan.

Lawmakers are suspicious of the identity of these people and questioned, “Are they law enforcement officers or are they here for surveillance?” White terror has fully engulfed the district.

[Editor's note:
On the same day this story was published by Apple Daily on the frontpage, the newspaper's headquarters was raided by 200 police. The newspaper founder Jimmy Lai, his two sons, and 4 executives of Next Media were arrested over the allegation of national security violation.

The police had reportedly searched reporters' documents and news material during the 9-hour raid.]

Source: Apple Daily #Aug10
#LiaisonOffice #CCP #ChinaTravelServices #NationalSecurityLaw #1C1S
Japan Parliamentary Association on China Calls On Urgent Meeting After HK Authorities' Crackdown of Pro-democracy Community in Hong Kong

According to Akihisa Nagashima, a lawmaker in Japan's House of Representatives and former Deputy Defense Minister, the Japan Parliamentary Association on China (JPAC) will hold an urgent meeting on #Aug12, after pro-democracy activists, media company executives, Apple Daily founder Jimmy Lai and his two sons were arrested by the Hong Kong authorities.

The Association is a bipartisan concern group supporting Hongkongers' pursuit of freedom and democracy in face of Beijing's pressure. Other members include former Defense Minister Gen Nakatani.

The hashtag #FreeAgnes is currently trending in Japan in support of former Demosisto member Agnes Chow who was among the 10 Hongkongers arrested over the allegation of national security violation on Aug 10.

Source: Akihisa Nagashima's Twitter #Aug11
#AkihisaNagashima #AgnesChow #Japan #JPAC

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Agnes Chow Released on Bail

Inside a popular but now deleted article

Editor’s note: "Nanfengchuang" is a biweekly magazine owned by the Chinese state media Guangzhou Daily Group. Recently Xi did mention about People’s Commune, which is a product from Mao's period. The way Xi thinks might be highly similar to Mao, or actually Xi is just mimicking Mao (even if that method didn't work in the past)

Source: RFA

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Inside a popular but now deleted article

(27 Jul) An article in the Chinese media "Nanfengchuang" that interviewed Qin Shuo, a Chinese media person, was deleted after it went viral on the Internet recently. Without naming any specific politicians in the article, Qin Shuo said that China’s enemy is not the virus nor the United States. "Ideological isolation and imprisonment" are things that make people worry. The article also called on the Chinese government to be a "service-oriented government" and "maintain the rules" instead of directly allocating resources. How much does this say about the voice of Chinese private enterprises?

// in 2019 she abandoned everything and moved to the United States. She said that China's scarce rule by law has left private entrepreneurs like her lacking institutional protection

//One is that the government does not have credibility, and the other is that enterprises are precarious, and at the judicial level, they are not equal to private enterprises

//China is not a fair business environment, and companies are divided into different levels.

//the key to the policy "say one thing and do another thing" is that there is no systematic guarantee of the rule by law system.

//Chinese entrepreneurs are either in prison or on their way to prison

//After Xiao Jianhua was taken from Hong Kong to China for investigation on 27 Jan 2017, his whereabouts are still unknown... The 3 trillion financial empire built by Xiao Jianhua for more than 20 years and starting from 300 yuan collapsed overnight.

//entrepreneurs must be patriotic

//under Xi Jinping's rule, even the different voices in the CCP do not want to pretend to listen.

//The economy has a lot of negative effects


Source: Radio Free Asia
Translated by: Hong Kong Echo

#China #MediaControl #BannedActicle #XiJinping #Economics #Censorship #BusinessEnvironment #QinShuo

Warning – the Central government will combat any malicious food speculation and hoarding activities

Image: NetEase News


The Disciplinary and Supervision Team of the National Development and Reform Commission in China is warning to prioritizing foods supply and stabilizing the price

(29 Jul) Reporters received from the Chinese Disciplinary and Supervision Team of the National Development and Reform Commission stated that, in response to the tight supply and price rising of rice and wheat since April, the Team is interviewing the responsible persons of the National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration, Food Trading Coordination Centre and National Grain and Oil Information Centre to understand the market demand of rice, wheat and grain, the reason of such price fluctuation, market analysis and responding strategy. Most importantly, the Team is to supervise food supply and price stabilization.

Image source: NetEase News
Translated by: Hong Kong Echo

#China #FoodSupply #Stabilize #RiceWheat #Hoarding
#Discrimination #AsiasFinest #PressFreedom
Police Demand Stand News Reporter to prove identity through income

3 reporters, including one from Stand News, were stopped and searched by the police while reporting the commemoration of university student Chow Tsz-lok on Aug 8, 2020, which marked 9 months after his death.

After showing the press pass and ID card, the Stand News reporters was asked by the police for proof that he is a salaried employee of the news agency. Police demanded the reporter to call his colleagues to provide proof. In the end, the police ticketed the other two reporters for violating the gathering ban because they "failed" to prove their identity as a journalist. “You’re on the borderline,” said the police to the Stand News reporter, “but I trust that you are just here to do your job”.

Source: Stand News #Aug9
#ChowTszLok #9Months #StandNews
#AppleDaily #PressFreedom
"We will Walk Together"

Hong Kong artist Kit Man released this comic strips after Apple Daily, a Hong Kong newspaper with a pro-democracy stance, was raided by 200 police on August 10, 2020.

On the same day, police arrested 10 people including pro-democracy activist Agnes Chow Apple Daily's founder Jimmy Lai, his two sons, Next Media's CEO and COO, on suspicion of national security law infringement.

Despite the raid and arrest, Apple Daily staff continued to bring the 11 August edition to print, while Hongkongers queued up in front of many newspaper stalls and convenience stores to buy the newspaper as they still can to show support to a newspaper that has strived to speak the voice of the local.

Source: Kit Da Sketch #Aug10
#KitMan #Comics #NationalSecurityLaw #AgnesChow #PoliticalOppression #Xinnie
Conversation between a father and daughter about why people were purchasing multiple copies of #AppleDaily

Daughter: Why are you buying so many copies [of Apple Daily]?
Father: We are buying them for your future

This is a conversation between a father and a daughter in Hong Kong on August 11, 2020. In this family of three, each parent has bought 3 copies of Apple Daily:

👧🏻:We have a lot newspapers at home. Why are you buying more?
👨🏼‍🦰:We are buying them for the sake of your future.
👧🏻: But why so many!
👨🏼‍🦰:There's never enough freedom.
👧🏻:Is 200 policemen a lot?
👧🏻:Then why were there no police officers when the white-clad triads* attacked people?


*Referring to the 7.21 (21 July 2019) Yuen Long attacks, where there was no response from the police despite numerous reports being made when white-clad gangsters attacked both civilians and people deemed to be pro-democracy supporters at Yuen Long.

Source: Facebook #Aug11
#Education #Censorship
#NationalEducation from home: Roman Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong urge schools to foster stronger national identity

Due to the third-wave of pandemic in Hong Kong, all on-campus classes will be suspended this fall. Students will be conducting home-based learning again. It is highly likely that national education will be inserted into the home-based learning curriculum.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong sent a letter to chancellors and principals of Catholic primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong.

In the letter, it reminded the chancellors and principals that the Education Bureau (EDB) has been a partner and a major sponsoring body of the Catholic schools, and because of this, schools are required to be supportive of this new notion to promote national education through home-based learning.

Guidelines have been proposed to assist school staffs in enhancing students' understanding in the #NationalSecurityLaw (NSL) #NationalAnthemLaw and also to foster a stronger national identity in the students.

During the social movements in 2019, many alumni from different schools petitioned to show their support in actions against the government's Extradition Bill. Some of the petitions also included students and existing staffs. The Parish has stated that school policies should be strict in the prevention of political activities from happening on campuses and in schools. It also stated that schools need to clarify immediately in the event of a petition, in the name of the school, is found to be carried out. Also, the parish encouraged chancellors and principals to respond to the EDB's actions positively, and also called for parents to understand and work closely with the schools if special arrangements are needed.

In the beginning of July 2019, after the enactment of NSL, Ingrid Yeung Ho Poi-yan, Permanent Secretary for Education, sent a letter to sponsoring bodies for aided schools and direct subsidy schools to recommend them to explain the NSL to their students. If any of the students violate schools' rules and fail to display any improvements after reminders, the school should impose punishment.

Source: Apple Daily #Aug7
#RomanCatholicDiocese #EDB
#AppleDaily #YellowEconomy
Pro-democracy 'Yellow' Shop Owner: Persist and Hongkongers will walk with You

Despite raided by 200 police with multiple arrests including the founder and the head of the company, Next Media persisted to publish their newspaper Apple Daily as usual on August 11, 2020.

Many Hongkongers showed support by buying the newspaper. A pro-democracy "yellow" shop owner Mr Wong has paid for more than a hundred copies of Apple Daily in a convenient store and offered them for free.

He hoped Apple Daily could stand until the end, “I hope you [Next Media] can persist. As the largest 'yellow' media, it will be sad that we lose you. I hope you can stand until the end and Hongkongers will walk with you.”

Source: InMedia #Aug11
#PoliceState #1C1S
Police Arrest Freelance Reporter for Britain's ITV for "Colluding with Foreign Powers" under the National Security Law

Wilson Li Chung-chak, a freelancer for Britain's ITV and former member of Scholarism, was released from Hung Hom Police Station after midnight on Aug 12. He paid a bail of HKD20,000 in cash and HKD180,000 in personnel. Like Agnes Chow, his passport was confiscated by the police.

Li was arrested by the police on Aug 10 for "collusion with a foreign country or external elements".

Other arrestees including pro-democracy activist and member of "Hong Kong Story" Andy Lee Yu-hin, Apple Daily founder Jimmy Lai, his 2 sons, and the 4 executives of Next Media including CEO Cheung Kim-hung were all released on bail.

Source: RTHK; Apple Daily; USP; itv #Aug12 #NationalSecurityLaw
Beijing Loyalists condemn US, calling the #Sanction "disgusting"

The US Treasury sanctioned 11 Hong Kong and Chinese officials, including HK and Macau Affairs Office director Xiao Baolong, Liaison Office head Luo Huining, Chief Executive Carrie Lam and Police Commissioner Tang Ping-keung.

The #DAB, a pro-Beijing party, issued a statement on Aug 8 condemning the sanction, calling the accusations “baseless and arbitrary” and that the action was to “comply with the Trump administration and his anti-China policies, aiming to benefit Trump’s re-election campaign”.

The DAB claimed that tge “majority in HK supported the implementation of the #NationalSecurityLaw” and “believed in the Central Government and One Country Two Systems”.

They condemn the U.S. government for "hegemonism and double standards" and "intervening with HK and China’s domestic affairs": “The US defames One Country Two Systems and its healthy operation in HK" and "it is disgusting".

Source: Stand News #Aug7
Reflection of a Hongkonger Who Organized a Rally on #Aug4 in 2019

//- Countless meetings
- The controversy about the doubling of the rally
- The Leisure and Cultural Services Department refused to lend venues as the assembly point
- “Blown fuses” after the rally in Shatin
- Our volunteers crunching to design publicity posters
- Having 1-2 hours of sleep before going to work
- Replying Telegram messages non-stop
- Changing locations everyday to collect supply to avoid dogs that unreasonably confiscate whatever they see

All vivid memories:
We would be satisfied if even only 20,000 to 30,000 people joined us.
In the end, our Tseung Kwan O fielded 150,000 people.

I remember one time when I was distributing flyers,
an elderly woman told us to stay safe with tears on her face.

A man took our flyer, much to the protest of his wife, and then he whispered to us “Add Oil”

Hongkongers' ability to move people is surely world class.

#ItsAPleasureFightingWithYou //

Source: TKO84
HK Government Appoint Chinese Companies without License to Handle COVID19 Testing in HK

Source: Ming Pao #Aug4

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HK Government Appoint Chinese Companies without License to Handle COVID19 Testing in HK

The Hong Kong government purchased services from three private laboratory organizations to provide virus testing for the local population without a tender. The government claimed that only these three laboratories in the market can provide data in a short period of time and Nucleic acid testing services in the scale of thousands.

Ming Pao found that one of the companies, China Inspection Co., Ltd. ("China Inspection") and its testing center, China Dragon Inspection and Certification (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. ("China Dragon"), mainly provide services such as product or automobile inspection and certification in Hong Kong and does not operate in the medical laboratory business. Its laboratory has not been approved by the government medical laboratory.

Questioned by Ming Pao, the government revealed that the relevant testing services are provided by China Dragon partnering with local laboratories that meet the requirements, but declined to disclose details such as procurement fees.

Civic Party Legislative Councillor Kwok Ka-ki said that Hong Kong has specific regulations on medical testing. If a qualified medical laboratory is not available, it should not be allowed to provide high-risk medical testing. He said that the government has appointed CCIC and other companies as testing contractors without bidding, and now CCIC suspects that it will "outsource" the testing services, and questioned why it was looking for CCIC instead of directly contacting the relevant local laboratory to provide services.

Many had questioned the validity of these designated companies and how come other companies can only cooperate with these designated companies. The government was condemned for exploiting local companies through intermediate "contractors".

Source: Ming Pao #Aug4
#PoliticalOppression #NationalSecurityLaw #AppleDaily #NextMedia
Bailed Out After 30-hour Detention
Next Media CEO Cheung Kim Hung: "I'll Proceed Despite the Hardships, My Passion Burns Despite the Weariness

Graphic source: Apple Daily #Aug12

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#PoliticalOppression #NationalSecurityLaw #AppleDaily #NextMedia
Bailed Out After 30-hour Detention
Next Media CEO Cheung Kim Hung: "I'll Proceed Despite the Hardships, My Passion Burns Despite the Weariness"

CEO of Next Digital Limited and Apple Daily Cheung Kim Hung was detained for about thirty hours before being released on bail at Sau Mau Ping Police Station on Tuesday night (11 August).

Cheung stated that "justice will prevail", and that he could "handle this" and would strive to do better. He also cited from the New Asia College anthem, "I'll proceed despite the hardships, my passion burns despite the weariness" (艱險我奮進,困乏我多情), thanking Hong Kongers for defending Apple Daily with herculean effort.

According to sources, Cheung was arrested for "conspiracy to defraud". When asked whether he would be charged with crimes related to the National Security Law, Cheung stated that it was unlikely.

Source: RTHK #Aug11

Editor's Note: Ch'ien Mu, lyricist for the anthem of New Asia College, fled the Chinese Communist Party at October 1949 and founded New Asia College. Despite being in financial stress, he, along with other famous New Confucianism Scholars at the time, strove to establish Chinese higher education in Hong Kong as well as promoting Chinese culture. Ch'ien had thought that with New Asia College's merge into the then-new Chinese University of Hong Kong, it would be unable to promote Chinese culture and use Chinese in teachings, and gave his request to resign to then Chairman Dr Li Choh-ming. He denied his pension (which could be given if he chose to retire) to state his discontent, stating that a resignation is a kind of attitude, while a retirement is only a natural end to his career.

Such is the spirit of New Asia College, putting their principles and conscience above of their personal interests.

#PressFreedom #WhiteTerror
#NewAsiaCollege #CUHK #CheungKimHung
Chinese Banks Comply with US Sanctions in Hong Kong

China’s largest state-run banks operating in Hong Kong are taking steps to comply with U.S. sanctions imposed on officials in the city, seeking to safeguard their access to crucial dollar funding and overseas networks.

Major lenders with operations in the U.S. including Bank of China Ltd., China Construction Bank Corp., and China Merchants Bank Co. have turned cautious for opening new accounts for the 11 sanctioned officials, including Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam, according to people familiar with the matter. At least one bank has already suspended such activity.

Source: Bloomberg, Cable News