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Hongkongers in Defense of Rights and Freedom: This is our home. We'll Die, if We Stop

Source: InMedia #Nov19

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Hongkongers in Defense of Rights and Freedom: This is our home. We'll Die, if We Stop

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Part 3/3

Kwun Tong District Councillor Eason Chan Yik-Shun is also this year's graduates of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (#CUHK).

He said that Hongkongers were unable to express their feelings toward the pro-democracy movement, since the police have prohibited all marches and rallies in the past six months.

Eason Chan hoped the march at CUHK on Nov 19, 2020 could bring enthusiasm to the fight for freedom in society and remind everyone that “the [pro-democracy] movement is not finished.”

Eason Chan pointed out that the young generation of Hong Kong lost all hope and confidence to the future, owing to police brutality and injustice imposed by the Department of Justice (#DOJ). However, he believed that Hongkongers would continue to fight: “This is our home. We'll die, if we stop.”

Chan emphasised, “Many young people still have committment to Hong Kong". Chan also pointed out that the graduates' participation in the march showed that they would continue to come out and are not scared of being arrested.

Some parents also participated in the march on Nov 19, 2020. Apple, the mother of a CUHK student, said that she couldn’t stand still and let the authorities suppress the youths.

“As a parent, I have to come out and back them [young people] up,” she said. She felt heartbreaking to see how the students had sacrificed for the fight for democracy in the past year and all the casualties in the movement.

Apple hopes that the next generation can "enjoy freedom and live in Hong Kong safely". She reiterated that one shod not give up the fight in Hong Kong in face of the suppression by the Chinese Community Party (#CCP).

Source: InMedia #Nov19

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Police Change Testimonies and Describe Tear Gas as "Fireworks" During #CoronersInquest of Pro-democracy Student #AlexChow

During the Anti-Extradition Law Protests in 2019, on November 4, university student Alex Chow Tsz-lok fell from height at Sheung Tak Carpark, when the police were dispersing civilians in the area. The cause of Chow's fall remained unknown and the 22-year-old young man passed away at 8:09 am on November 8, 2019.

Nov 18, 2020 was the third day into the coroner's inquest. Here are some key findings:


5. Police Sergeant Claims Teammates Did Not Obstruct Rescue

East Kowloon Emergency Unit (Squad No. 4) sergeant Yeung Hip-sing testified that he heard someone shouting "[we are] handling an injured person" in the carpark.

However, he was too occupied in looking for whom he called the "rioters" and did not go near to check on the injured person.

Lau said from his position he was not able to see if his teammates had climbed over the barricade, but he was sure that they did not obstruct rescue.

A jury member questioned Lau's testimony, "You did not see the injured person, but you claimed you could not see your teammates obstructing rescue. How do you arrive at this conclusion?"

Meanwhile, Lau mixed up left and right when giving his testimony. At a certain point, Coroner's Officer Choi Chi-hong said to Lau, "Let me clarify with you what is left and what is right first."


6. Police Claim "Tear Gas Grenades Did Not Enter the Carpark"

Sergeant Lau Hip-sing claimed that the "tear gas grenades can't be shot into the carpark" according to his sight. Lau said the first three shots of tear gas grenades exploded above the protesters and "fell to the ground like fireworks".


7. Many Police Officers Did Not Know the Whereabouts of Squad No. 1

After several police officers were summoned, it was found that there were more than two squads operating outside the carpark.

However, several officers who were deployed did not know the whereabouts of Squad No. 1.

Source: InMedia; Stand News #Nov18



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Int'l Scholar Reveals HK Police Illegitimacy

In November 2020, Clifford Stott, a professor of social psychology at Keele University, co-authored an article titled "Patterns of ‘Disorder’ During the 2019 Protests in Hong Kong: Policing, Social Identity, Intergroup Dynamics, and Radicalization" in an academic journal published by Oxford University Press (https://doi.org/10.1093/police/paaa073).

The article examines police illegitimacy in Hong Kong and describes the police reaction to protests as "paramilitary-style police interventions".

Stott was once hired as an international expert at the Hong Kong's Independent Police Complaints Council (#IPCC), which runs a complaint mechanism chaired by former or current police officers.

Stott resigned together with other panel members in December 2019, stating that the IPCC did not have the independent power and investigative capacity to look into police brutality cases and handle police misconduct.

Source: Apple Daily #Nov18
HK Police and Government Officials Photographed Without Masks at Awards Ceremony

Source: Stand News #Nov16

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HK Police and Government Officials Photographed Without Masks at Awards Ceremony

With the on-going coronavirus pandemic, the Hong Kong government has enforced strict gathering ban and set up regulations that require citizens to wear masks indoors and in public places.

However, many guests were seen taking photos with masks removed during the Honours and Awards Presentation Ceremony on Saturday, Nov 14, 2020.

As seen on the photos circulating on the internet, many policemen and government officials were seen without a mask, including Commissioner of Police Chris Tang, Financial Secretary Paul Chan, and Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung.

Secretary for Food and Health Sophia Chan said on the RTHK program “Millennium” (千禧年代), that it should be understood that everyone attending ceremonies are required to wear a mask and avoid removing them. If it is absolutely necessary, to exercise caution while removing the mask.

Dr. Ho Pak-Leung, Director of the Center for Infectious Diseases at the University of Hong Kong, said in a Commercial Radio program that government officials should set a good example in keeping their masks on, otherwise the effectiveness of persuading citizens to cooperate with epidemic prevention measures will be compromised.

Source: Stand News #Nov16

Fish With mercury and arsenic: Russian Federation temporarily limited fish import from China

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Fish With mercury and arsenic: Russian Federation temporarily limited fish import from China

(09 Jan) It became clear why fish and seafood from China were banned. Starting 9 January 2020, there has been a temporary ban of the fish supply to Russia, for example, tilapia, trout, shrimp and the so-called sea cocktails. "This is not a complete list and all of them can be extremely toxic", this conclusion was made by Russian experts as a result of a large-scale inspection. They found cadmium, mercury and arsenic in fish from China.

Tilapia can still be found in the market, but there is no data on its true origin. 

This is the tilapia fillet, labeled with such information: Khimki, such-and-such highway, 21 d ... (when reporter visited the addressed on thr kabel) There is no aqua farm in sight, but a car service is legally located. 

But there is a small print on the tag, stating " Country of origin: Southeast Asia ". This is the most commonly used name for China, says fishing expert Alexander Savelyev. He said, "China, as you know, there is neither a law on aquaculture, nor any effective instruments to control its quality and Rosselkhoznadzor studies confirm this".

In 2019, more than 40 cases identified unsafe fish products coming from China to Russia were found and monitored. Heavy metals were found in the fishstocks, such as mercury, cadmium, arsenic.

"50 million tons (of fishstock) grew in its ponds and left the place that they grow, China needs to do something with it. In Chinese culture there is a saying: If you are tired of your old shoes, throw them in the pond and in a year you will receive an excellent tilapia," said Alexander Saveliev, head of the fishing news agency.

The import ban has affected some types of Chinese shrimp and four types of aquaculture - eel, sturgeon, trout and tilapia, which sulfonamides have also been found. These are antimicrobial agents added when fish grows, along with other growth hormones. And this, doctors say, is just an explosive mixture for our health.  

"It leads to violation of its own microflora under the influence of sulfonamides. These chemicals have a damaging effect on the body, it is toxic. For example, some have such chemicals in their kidneys. Metabolism is changed and distorted. And on some adults it can even lead to obesity ," said MD, Tatiana Bandurina. 

Celestial Empire is one of the main fish suppliers in Russia. The year before last, China imported 36 thousand tons of frozen products. Naturally, the ban will lead to some increase in prices for fish and seafood, economists believe, however, the effect is only temporary. 

"Such drastic measures are justified. They will lead to a slight increase in prices in the short term. Within a few weeks, a couple of months, the imbalance will be eliminated, and prices will return to normal, " said economist Maxim Chirkov.

However, Russian warehouses are still full and filled with stocks of frozen Chinese fish, and the sales of products continues, despite the import ban. And China is still lucky, experts say. Not only the farmed fish, they believe, but also the fish caught in the sea and processed before being sold to Russia, needs to be thoroughly checked. After all, this product does not fall under the ban of the Rosselkhoznadzor, but that is why it does not become less dangerous.  

Ren TV
Pourquoi Taiwan

Translated by: Hong Kong Echo

#ChineseFarmFish #Russia #Ban #ImportFish
Chinese Foreign Ministry says Pompeo has "Sinister Motives" and Will Fight Back Firmly after Pompeo says Taiwan Is Not Part of China,

Source: Stand News #Nov13

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Chinese Foreign Ministry says Pompeo has "Sinister Motives" and Will Fight Back Firmly after Pompeo says Taiwan Is Not Part of China,

In a radio interview yesterday (12th), the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said "Taiwan has never been a part of China" and that the US commitment to Taiwan was already a cross-party consensus. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China spokesman Wang Wenbin said at a regular press conference today (13th) that Pompeo had ignored the fundamental interests of the Chinese and American peoples for his political self-interest, confusing right with wrong and fabricating lies in order to mislead public opinion and disrupt the public perceptions, further damage China-US relations and jeopardise peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. He added, "The world has known his sinister intentions". Wang Wenbin told the followers of Pompeo that any act that undermines the core interests of China and interferes in Chinese internal affairs will get a resolute response from China, and will not stop its historical trend of unification.

Taiwan's presidential spokesman, Chang Tun-Han, also responded to the incident this morning (13 November), noting that he had noticed the remarks from Pompeo and that it was an indisputable fact that the Republic of China is a sovereign state. On the cross-strait and region, Taiwan has always advocated that the two sides of the Strait should work together to safeguard the status quo of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, based on the principle of reciprocity and dignity. Taiwan will also continue to fulfil its international obligations and contribute to the peace, stability and prosperity of the Taiwan Strait and the region.

Source: Stand News #Nov13


#US #China #SinoUSrelations #Taiwan #USTaiwanrelations #RepublicOfChina #TaiwanStrait #MikePompeo #WangWenbin #ChangTunHan #TaiwanStraitCrisis

[Chang’s response: Stand News #Nov13
https://bit.ly/2J3fvHS ]
The US Say No Position on Taiwan Sovereignty, but “One-China Policy” is Distinct from “One-China Principle”

Source: Apple Daily #Nov15

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The US Say No Position on Taiwan Sovereignty, but “One-China Policy” is Distinct from “One-China Principle”

In response to press inquiries, the US Department of State spokesperson further elaborates US's stance on Taiwan policy. He pointed out that the US has long followed a “One-China Policy” which is distinct from Beijing's “One-China Principle”. The spokesperson said the China Communist Party (CCP) asserts sovereignty over Taiwan under the “One-China Principle”, but the US takes no position on sovereignty over Taiwan.

The spokesperson added, "the fundamental U.S. interest is that the Taiwan question be resolved peacefully, without coercion, and in a manner acceptable to the people on both sides of the Strait". In his reply, he emphasize the U.S.' One China policy remains guided by the Taiwan Relations Act, the three Joint Communiques between the U.S. and China, and the Six Assurances to Taiwan by Ronald Reagan, as it has been in the past four decades.

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in an interview with Hugh Hewitt Show that the US has prescribed that Taiwan has not been part of China, and that was recognized since the Reagan administration, adhered to now for three and a half decades, and done so under both Democratic and the Republican administrations, in fact, a bipartian consensus. Since Pompeo's speech was questioned as a violation of the “one China principle,” it reportedly triggered strong discontent among hardliners in Beijing.

#Taiwan #US #China #USdepartment #USsecretary #Pompeo #OneChinaPolicy #OneChinaPrinciple #TaiwanRelationsAct #SixAssurancesToTaiwan

Source: Apple Daily #Nov15

Yoshihide Suga Showing Grave Concern over Hong Kong, urged Upholding a Free and Open System under the "One Country Two System"

Source from: The Stand News #Nov15

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Yoshihide Suga Showing Grave Concern over Hong Kong, urged Upholding a Free and Open System under the "One Country Two System"

The East Asia Summit, held by leaders of China, the U.S. and Japan, was held by video conference on Saturday (14th November). At the meeting Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said developments contrary to the rule of law have been unfolding in the region, including the South China Sea. He also express grave concerns over the the enactment of the National Security Law in Hong Kong, urged upholding a free and open system under the "One Country Two System" framework.

According to Kyodo News, in the dispute over the sovereignty of Senkaku Islands (a.k.a. Diaoyu Island in China), Yoshihide Suga said China's activities in the East China Sea violate Japan's sovereignty, ballistic missile launches and further militarization in the South China Sea also increase tensions in the region. The U.S. National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien participate on behalf of President Donald Trump. He also criticized China on its actions over the Mekong River basin and the South China Sea for threatening the peace, stability and sovereignty of other countries.

Source from: The Stand News #Nov15

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Nathan Law says the battle is not over in Hong Kong

Source: The Economist #Nov17

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Nathan Law says the battle is not over in Hong Kong

China views civil liberties and human rights as an existential threats. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s actions in Xinjiang and Tibet proof that China will stop at nothing to enforce its coercive control every corner of its territory.

Because of pandemic, China’s grown model and wealth distribution system may fail to generate sufficient economic power to keep the country going on the current path. Internal dissent is increasing.

After the enactment of a new National Security Law (NSL) on 30th June, street demonstration are now unlikely. However, protest is still alive, just in a more subtle and tenacious form. As expected, China continues to grip Hong Kong in its iron fist in the coming year, we will have to come up with new ways to resist.

Source: The Economist #Nov17


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