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#FirstHand #Feb21
Police intercepted passersby on Yee Wo Street after July 21 Sit-in

2117 | Causeway Bay
Riot police are deployed outside SOGO department store and MTR Exit F to conduct stop and search.
#July21 #Protests
Remembrance of the Beaten Innocents And of Justice Unrightened: Lest We Forget July 21

Read: https://t.me/guardiansofhongkong/17645
📡Guardians of Hong Kong
#July21 #Protests Remembrance of the Beaten Innocents And of Justice Unrightened: Lest We Forget July 21 Read: https://t.me/guardiansofhongkong/17645
#July21 #Protests
Remembrance of the Beaten Innocents And of Justice Unrightened: Lest We Forget July 21

Photos: https://t.me/guardiansofhongkong/17642

2046 - 2103 | Yoho Mall, Yuen Long
Today marks the seventh mensiversary of the July 21 Attacks at Yuen Long. Civilians have gathered in Yoho Mall, Yuen Long this evening to commemorate the event, as well to urge the government to bring justice to the attackers.

While civilians were protesting inside the mall, riot police could be seen on standby outside the mall. Yuen Long district councilor from Kingswood North Ng Kin Wai had asked the police commander on-site whether the police would enter the mall, which the commander responded that they may, as they claimed illegal activities were being conducted inside.

Another Yuen Long district councilor from Shui Pin Samuel Lai Kwok-wing stated that he saw riot police using cardboard to hold the main doors of the mall, which he suspected were to convenience the riot police by easing their entrance into the mall.

Other district councilors are currently negotiating with the police.

Source: HK01; Inmedia; Apple Daily
#Feb21 #YuenLong #Remembrance #NoJustice
#YuenLong721 #Protests
Police Targets Reporters for Questioning; Doors Chained to Convenience Riot Police

2125 - 2137 | Yoho Mall, Yuen Long
The police commander on-site had suddenly entered the mall questioning reporters. A reporter from Apple Daily stated that they had filmed the riot police for some time, but they were uncertain as to the reason of their questioning, as they had worn reflective shirts and brought with them their identification documents.

Reporters had also commented that some riot police had entered the mall and proclaimed that they would enter the mall and "uphold the law". The main doors of the mall could also be seen chained to possibly allow for quicker police deployment.

Source: Apply Daily #Feb21 #Remembrance
Citizens Rally in Ma On Shan in Protest of 7.21 Attack in Yuen Long

2200 | Ma On Shan
Citizens brought bottles of Champagne, and walked to the MOSTown flyover. They toasted to the 3 police vehicles underneath, as a police has contracted the Wuhan coronavirus.

Meanwhile, sit-in inside the MTR station continued in protest of the Triad-police collusion in the 7.21 attack on train passengers and pedestrians in Yuen Long.

Source: HKTGB #Feb21
Massive Police Deployment in Yuen Long, Civilians and Reporters Intercepted

2218 | Yuen Long, YohoMall
Outside the bus terminal, police stopped and searched passersby.

7 riot police surrounded and intercepted a man holding a press pass.

Source: Apple Daily #Feb21
"The Bald Sergeant" on Duty with Full Gear, but not With Mask

2245 | Yuen Long
PTU station sergeant Lau Chak Kei, who pointed a Remington at the crowd on 30 July 2019 in Kwai Fong, became very popular among police supporters and patriots. Today (21 Feb) marks the 7th month mensiversary of the 721 Yuen Long incident. Groups of citizens holds meetings in different districts, Lau appeared outside Yoho Mall, Yuen Long. He had full gear and an eye mask on, but not a face mask despite the epidemic. He wore a sticker that said "Go police!".

Lau has been very active on Weibo, where he often shares his political opinions. However, he was accused of spreading false information during the District Council election, where he claimed that over half of the votes were void and called for a re-count. The Registration and Electoral Office later clarified that the claim as false.

Source: Stand News #21Feb
#YuenLong721 #LauChakKei #Protests
#Heartwarming #FirstHand #Feb21

Staff of Kingyo, a beverage chain-store, put a whole box of drinks made by the store for press, voluntary first aiders and freedom fighters. A note was written “Never forget 721; right or wrong is about conscience”.
2332 | Yeun Long
Over 30 riot police and 6 police vans were standing by at Kuk Ting Street.

#Feb21 #YuenLong721
#DailyUpdate #Feb21 #COVID19

COVID-19 Updates (21/2):

⁃ The total number of infected is now standing at 77253 where the number of deaths is now at 2250. 75892 confirmed cases and 2236 deaths are from mainland China.

⁃ The second chartered plane sent to retrieve Hong Kong residents onboard Diamond Princess took off from Tokyo International Time at 21:00 HKT. The expected arrival time is 1:40 on 22nd Feb.

⁃ It is reported 17 individuals are refused to board the chartered plane.

⁃ In Hong Kong, the LegCo Finance Committee passed a 3 million HKD funding to tackle the epidemic outbreak.

⁃ A police officer stationed in North Point police station is confirmed infected by coronavirus. He had attended a dinner gathering with 60 participants.

⁃ 66 Hong Kong residents are confirmed with COVID-19 onboard Diamond Princess.

⁃ All passengers onboard Diamond Princess who showed negative testing results with COVID-19 were allowed to disembark.

⁃ Multiple Diamond Princess passengers are confirmed with coronavirus after returning to their home countries, including South Korea, Australia and Isarel.

⁃ 48 new cases were founded in South Korea, raising the number to 204. Most of the victims are linked to a religious gathering hosted by Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony. 1001 related individuals are quarantined.

⁃ A second death case was reported in South Korea.

An individual is tested positive 10 days after recovery from the respiratory syndrome.

⁃ CDC issued “Level 1” warning for travel to Japan. Japanese nationals are suggested to strength personal hygiene.

⁃ Multiple Russian news agencies reported a Chinese man was killed after the end of his hospital quarantine.

Source: Now News, Tencent News, Yonhap News Agency, Worldmeter