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Greta Thunberg and China bump heads over emissions

Greta Thunberg has made an enemy out of China which says she is uneducated and prone to being “manipulated” after the activist said climate change can’t be solved unless Beijing makes a drastic course correction on emissions.

“Thunberg, who at age 15 started skipping school on Fridays for her climate protests, is merely 18 years old this year,” Chinese propaganda mouthpiece the Global Times said.

“She is short of sufficient academic knowledge study, and lack of sound self-judgment capability.

“Girl like her is prone to be affected or even manipulated by some political forces.

Source: Sky News Australia #May11


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Beijing Is Getting Better at Disinformation on Global Social Media

When China-linked networks of social media bots and trolls appeared on the global disinformation scene in 2019, most analysts concluded that their impact and reach were fairly limited, particularly in terms of engagement by real users and relative to more sophisticated actors in this realm, like the Russian regime. As many China watchers anticipated, that assessment now seems to be changing.

Several in-depth investigations published over the past two months by academic researchers, think tanks, news outlets, and cybersecurity companies have shed light on the evolution of disinformation campaigns originating in China. Some offer new insights on campaigns that peaked last spring, while others analyze more recent messaging, tactics, and accounts that have emerged since October 2020.

Source: The Diplomat #Mar30


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Watching You: Face-Recognition Forcibly Installed in Housing Estates in Hong Kong

It is found that some security contractors of a Hong Kong’s housing estate have forcibly added face recognition technology to their security systems, causing great discontent among residents.

For instance, the installations in Fullview Garden in Siu Sai Wan are provided by #Hikivision, a state-owned Chinese enterprise which has high-resolution cameras with up to a 99% accuracy for recognition.

Source: Unwire HK #May7

#MassSurveillance #BigBrother #FacialRecognition
Former Turkish PM joins Netizens in Condemning China for Suppressing the #Ugyhurs

Source: RFA #May7

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Former Turkish PM joins Netizens in Condemning China for Suppressing the #Ugyhurs

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between #Turkey and the #PRC, the #ChineseEmbassy in Turkey co-organised a drawing competition with the Ministry of National Education, Turkey for Turkish youth, titled “China in My Dreams.”

Taking note of the event, many netizens uploaded pictures of Uyghur genocide with the hashtag #hayalimdekiçin (“China in My Dreams”), among which even include former Prime Minister #AhmetDavutoğlu.

These works include blue-shirted men sitting under the iron curtains of #Xinjiang concentration camps; a #Uyghur little girl silenced by men covered in a Five-starred red flag and a bloodied East Turkestan flag; a lonely boy crying on #EidMubarak as his family was locked up in the #Gulags.

Long-time friend of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and former Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoğlu, also uploaded a picture on Twitter.

He writes, “The Education Ministry is organising a painting competition titled “China in My Dreams” for our kids. Our dream is East Turkistan. Dear children, picture the dream of saving our brothers and sisters in our fatherland from oppression and send that to this competition. Speak up to those who doesn’t wish to hear!”


Source: RFA #May7

#Court #Jury
Prosecutors Deny Hongkongers' Right to Jury Trial; Judge Has Difficulties in Comprehending Law Written in English

Source: Stand News; RTHK #May10

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#Court #Jury
Prosecutors Deny Hongkongers' Right to Jury Trial; Judge Has Difficulties in Comprehending Law Written in English

24-year-old #TongYingKit is the first person in Hong Kong charged with national security violation. On July 1, 2020, he displayed a flag that writes "Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Times" on his motorbike and drove towards three police officers in the protest scene. It was the first day when the national security law came into effect after bypassing the city's legislature.

Tong was charged with "terrorism and inciting se" and has been detained since then. The trial will begin in June 2021.

The Hong Kong court has earlier
denied him a trial by jury. Tong filed a review. The first hearing took place on May 10, 2021.

Senior Counsel Philip Dykes, representing Tong, pointed out in court, "Trial by jury helps ensure the independence and quality of judges... by ensuring that they, and not judges appointed by the executive, actually deliver a verdict in a prosecution started by the government... Trials by a body might afford a defendant some protection against laws which they find harsh or oppressive."

The prosecution, however, claimed that defendants in Hong Kong do not have a constitutional or fundamental right to trial by jury.

Source: Stand News; RTHK #May10
Hungary prevents the EU from discussing Hong Kong related bills, members of the European Parliament denounced as “Trojan Horses” for China 
Source: Stand News #May06

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Hungary prevents the EU from discussing Hong Kong related bills, members of the European Parliament denounced as “Trojan Horses” for China 
According to the report from South China Morning Post, EU withdrew the proposal which related to China tighten Hong Kong governance, since they cannot get the recognitions from 27 member countries. Reuters stated that the proposal was rejected by Hungary. Hungary is considered to have close relations with China, and it is one of the countries that have signed the “One Belt One Road” agreement, and China was the biggest overseas investor of Hungary in 2020. SCMP quoted from a member of the European Parliament, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is being a “playing a double game” and attempting to profit by travelling between the EU and China. He described Hungary is “Trojan Horses” of China.  
SMCP stated, this proposal originally scheduled for EU action, to respond to the “major electoral reforms implemented in Hong Kong”, saying that these reforms are different from Hong Kong’s ultimate promise of universal elections. The proposal listed 12 concrete actions, including comprehensive review the relations between EU and Hong Kong, discuss China’s “Extradition Law” with member countries, coordinate relations with Hong Kong with the United Nations and G7, review the rule of law in Hong Kong, respond to the Hong Kong version of the “National Security Law” which also applicable to local people in European Union, and strengthen cooperation with civil society to promote freedom of speech, and liaise with business and civil society organisations to “build a new platform for Hong Kong”.  
This is not the first time that Hungary stops EU for taking actions to China. There were reports from last month which stated Hungary stops EU for announcing a statement condemning China’s implementation of the National Security Law in Hong Kong. The report quoted Senior EU diplomat and indicated, “The point of view of Hungary is, EU and China already have so many problems”.  
Source: Stand News #May06 


#Hungary #EuropeanUnion #HongKong #China #UnitedNations #SMCP #Reuters #ExtraditionLaw #NationalSecurityLaw  
Germany slams Hungary for blocking EU criticism of China on Hong Kong

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas on Monday lambasted Hungary for an “absolutely incomprehensible” decision to block an EU statement accusing Beijing of cracking down on democracy in Hong Kong.
 EU foreign ministers have been unable to adopt the text even though diplomats said it had already been watered down to get Hungary’s backing. EU foreign policy decisions require unanimity to pass.

“This is not the first time that Hungary has broken away from [the EU’s] unity when it comes to the issue of China,” Maas told reporters after the latest meeting of the bloc’s Foreign Affairs Council on Monday.
Source: Politico #May11


#Hungary #Germany #Hungary #EU #China #HongKong
Australia Is Under Pressure to Implement Magnitsky-Style Laws
“China stop genocide of Uyghurs,” read the banners held aloft by protesters outside the Chinese consulate in Adelaide, Australia, on March 31. Members of the Uyghur community traveled across Australia to protest the newly expanded consulate, alongside supporters of Hong Kong, Falun Gong, and Tibet. Some Uyghurs held up photographs calling for the return of their family members, disappeared into the camps in Xinjiang.

The protest came a week after the United States, the European Union, Canada, and the United Kingdom coordinated sanctions against Chinese officials involved in atrocities in Xinjiang. Australia welcomed the sanctions in a joint statement with New Zealand, but it put no sanctions of its own in place.
Source: Foreign Policy #Apr02


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#Censorship #Regime
Pooh-Pooh, not Winnie: Chinese Media Avoid #Xi Satire

In Shanghai #Disneyland, a little boy attacked a worker in #WinniethePooh costume. However, the parents of the boy has been impertinent and refused to apologise to the worker.

The video went viral on the #ChineseInternet, but it seems “Winnie the Pooh” is a bigger problem to China's media than violence or parenting, as they use “Pooh-pooh bear” instead in reporting the news.

[Editor's note: the cartoon figure Winnie the Pooh has been used as a satirical representation to the #CCP General Secretary #XiJinping and was thereby banned in China for a period of time.]

Source: Liberty Times #May9
#Censorship #FailedState
"A Pleasure to Burn": #Books disappeared from Hong Kong O
Public Libraries

After removing books written by prominent democracy activists in Hong Kong in July 2020, the Leisure and Cultural Department has once again suspended the lending of 9 books on grounds of “avoiding the violations of #NationalSecurityLaw”.

These books include "#Chinazi" by #YuJie; "Hong Kong Nationalism" publisged by Undergrad, #HKUSU; "Tanya's Sensitive Spots" by former pro-democracy legislator #TanyaCHAN; and "I Declare War on Tyranny" by former Chairman of the Democratic Party #AlbertHO.

Source: Stand News #May8

#BookBurnings #RightToRead #RighttoKnowledge
#Censorship #PublicLibrary
#Arts #FilmAwards
#Documentary about Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Protests Awarded Grand Prize in Taiwan

Source: Stand News #May3

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#Arts #FilmAwards
#Documentary about Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Protests Awarded Grand Prize in Taiwan

[Editor's note: The Hong Kong authorities had classified the two documentary films as Category III, calling it "unsuitable" for an audience below 18 years of age. The authorities also demanded a warning to be placed before the films]

Hong Kong protest-related documentaries has won awards across the world.

The award ceremony of the 12th Taiwan International Documentary Festival unveiled on May 6, 2021 in which "Taking Back the Legislature" and "Inside the Red Brick Wall" were awarded Grand Prize for the Chinese-language Documentary Category.

The Jury explained the prize was given for “the capture of passion and contradictions of the insurgency of a people”.

“The Jury wishes to thank the collective communion of the group of filmmakers… for contributing to our understanding of how cinema feeds the conscience and collective memory of the world in our era of overwhelming control and surveillance. ”

The two documentary films capture different moments during the 2019 anti-ELAB protests in Hong Kong.

"Taking back the Legislature" is a documentation of the first instance of an occupation of Hong Kong’s legislature on July 1, 2019, while "Inside the Red Brick Wall" is about the week-long siege of the police on Hong Kong Polytechnic University (#PolyU) in November 2019.

Source: Stand News #May3

#YingEChi #HongKongCinema #InsidetheRedBrickWall
CCP’s Political and Legal Committee mocks India in Weibo for epidemic death toll, delete in less than half a day for even mainland netizen find it dehumanizing

Source: The Stand News #May01

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CCP’s Political and Legal Committee mocks India in Weibo for epidemic death toll, delete in less than half a day for even mainland netizen find it dehumanizing

India has recently been affected by the rapid spread of COVID-19, with more than 300,000 confirmed cases per day, and China has recently provided medical supplies, seemingly with the intention of repairing the relationship. However, a picture posted by “China Chang’an Net”, the official Weibo of CCP's Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission, at around 1 p.m. put Chinese rocket lifted off and Indian worker in full protective clothing burning corpse side-by-side, titled “ignition in China VS ignition in India” and tagged “#more than 400,000 cases in a day#”.

Though the post has been deleted later, but a search of Google Page archive still shows that it has been shared for 9,675 times, with 4,957 comments and 98,697 likes.

Since this afternoon, there has been many repost of “China Chang’an Net” deleted Weibo message, many of which criticized China official media for posting inappropriate pictures, “Can the official stop doing those acts of villain? Shame on them”. Some China netizens denounced it as “dehumanizing”, while others didn't oppose it at all, “Is it appropriate to kill and injured our border guards? Chang’an Jun just laid out the facts, why can't they stand it?” said a netizen.

Source: The Stand News #May01


#India #China #CCP #Pandemic #Humanity #Weibo #COVID19 #CCP
U.S. will not leave Australia alone to face China coercion -Blinken

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Thursday that the United States would not leave Australia alone in the face of economic coercion from China, and that such behavior toward U.S. allies would hamper improvement in U.S.-Sino relations.

Washington has repeatedly criticized what it says are Beijing's attempts to bully neighbors with competing interests, and U.S. President Joe Biden has sought to bolster ties with allies in the Indo-Pacific to counter China's growing power.

"I reiterated that the United States will not leave Australia alone on the field, or maybe I should say alone on the pitch, in the face of economic coercion by China," Blinken said at a press briefing with visiting Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne.

Source: Reuters #May14


#US #Australia #China #Blinken
US broaches boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics

The Biden administration has floated the idea of a boycott of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics to protest against the persecution of Uyghurs in China’s Xinjiang province. 

Ned Price, US state department spokesperson, said the boycott was one option “on the agenda” as the Biden administration discussed its approach to China and the Beijing Olympics with allies. 

Asked at a press briefing if the US was discussing a joint boycott, Price said: “It is something that we certainly wish to discuss . . . A co-ordinated approach will be not only in our interest, but also in the interest of our allies and partners.”

Source: Financial Times #Apr07


#US #Boycott #Beijing #Winter #Olympics #Biden