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The University of Southern California Suspended a professor because of speaking "that" in Putonghua, discriminating against African-Americans

(North American News) A Communication Professor at the University of Southern California (USC) used a Chinese vocab "nèige" (meaning "that") with a Putonghua pronunciation, has led to a petition from a group of angry African-American. They said that it sounded like a word with discrimination or defamation to Africans, requesting an apology from the professor and the teaching suspension to have an investigation.

Professor Greg Patton has taught at USC Marshall School of Business for 20 years. During the online teaching of MBA related curriculum last month, Patton used Putonghua as an example, saying "nèige" replaces some meaningless words, like errs and umms, in China. He repeated "nèige" thrice.

Nevertheless, some students thought that the accent of the professor for "nèige" was similar to "nigga", a word that insults Africans. They pointed out that the professor had offended all African students in the class and had affected their mental health. The school said that another speaker will take over the curriculum at this moment, during the investigation period for Patton.

#US #USC #nèige #nigga #Chinese #Putonghua #Mandarin #African #AfricanAmerican #GregPatton

Source: Apple Daily #Sep05

Overseas Hong Kong Activists get harassed by pro-CCP groups, just like in HK

For Hong Kongers living in Canada, it might be 'far from home' for them. Unfortunately, they are not far from danger. Some people received rape and death threats on social media from CCP supporters. Others received threatening phonecalls to their personal hotel rooms.

Pro-democracy activists in Canada have experienced the impotence of the Canadian police in the face of doxxing and death threats.

Activists around the world, face risks and pressure which are manifested in the same forms as how they are in Hong Kong or even mainland China.

Source: CBC #Sep10

#10Sep #Canada #HongKong #Overseas #Doxxing #Harrassment
#Statement #Save12HKYouths
Hong Kong's Maritime Transport Services Industry Trade Union Demands Authorities to Release Data from Navigation Surveillance Radar

The full statement is as follows:

//12 Hong Kong residents are suspected of being arrested by the Guangdong Coast Guard within Hong Kong’s waters. Our association requests the Hong Kong Marine Department to release the navigation surveillance radar information and data as evidence.

The Chinese Coast Guard on August 26 announced in WeChat that on August 23 at about 9 o'clock, they intercepted a suspected illegal cross-border vessel in Chinese waters just outside Hong Kong southeast and detained 12 Hong Kong residents.

Our association demands the Hong Kong Marine Department to release the radar images of the navigation surveillance system as evidence to substantiate the actual position of the vessel at the time, verifying whether the Guangdong Coast Guard had cross-border enforcement. It will also serve to relieve the general public’s concerns and to protect the safety of local marine operators and passengers. //

Source: Maritime Transport Services Industry Trade Union

U.S. to Ban Transaction and Download of China's #WeChat and #Tiktok From Sept 20, 2020

The U.S. Department of Commerce issued a statement on Sept 18, 2020, prohibiting transactions and downloads relating to Chinese mobile applications WeChat and TikTok, starting from Sept 20, 2020. Hosting or transfering internet traffic associated with WeChat will also be banned.

"The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has demonstrated the means and motives to use these apps to threaten the national security, foreign policy, and the economy of the U.S."

These threats include "collect[ing] vast swaths of data from users, including network activity, location data, and browsing and search histories"; being "active participant in China’s civil-military fusion"; and their "mandatory cooperation with the intelligence services of the CCP."

Source: U.S. Commerce Department #Sept18
Image: AP

#Court #JamesSpigelman
Judge Resigned Allegedly for National Security Law Concerns in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's Chief Executive Carrie Lam withdrew the appointment of Polish-born Australian James Spigelman as a foreign non-permanent judge in the Court of Final Appeal. The order was gazetted on Sept 18, 2020 and backdated to Sept 2, the day Spigelman resigned.

According to ABC reporter Stephen Dziedzic, Spigelman resigned due to concern over Beijing's insertion of the National Security Law in Hong Kong.

Spigelman was one out of 14 foreign judges appointed to the Court of Final Appeal in Hong Kong.

Source: Apple Daily; Stand News; 傑出男公關 #Sept18



#LGBTRights #Court
High Court Upholds Discriminatory Definition Of Marriage, Judge: “I didn’t dare to make the right choice.”

Source: Stand News #Sept18

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#LGBTRights #Court
Hong Kong's High Court Upholds Discriminatory Definition Of Marriage, Judge: “I didn’t dare to make the right choice.”

Jimmy Sham, a member of the LGBT+ rights organization Rainbow of Hong Kong and convener of Civil Human Right Front, got married to his male partner in New York in 2013. He lodged for judicial review in Hong Kong in 2018 requesting the High Court to rule the Hong Kong government rejecting oversea same-sex marriage as discriminatory, which is a violation of the “Basic Law”.

In the High Court verdict on Sept 18, 2020, Judge Chow stated that the current statutory definition of marriage in Hong Kong was “one man and one woman” and that therefore Sham's marriage wasn’t legitimate, so the court ruled against him.

Sham said outside the court that the Judge agreed to unfairness and discrimination of the existing system, but he dared not to make the right choice, and restore justice where it has been deprived.

Source: Stand News #Sept18


#SameSexMarriage #JimmySham #RainbowofHongKong
Animal Abusers Let Free by HK's Department of Justice; Pro-Democracy Lawmakers Voice Discontent

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Animal Abusers Let Free by HK's Department of Justice; Pro-Democracy Lawmakers Voice Discontent

On Februrary 14, 2020, a series of animal abuse incidents occurred at Hong Kong Garden, Tsing Lung Tau, where 29 pet animals including cats, rabbits, birds and hamsters were dropped from height on 3 subsequent days, with 15 of which died as a result. The police tried to track down the apartments resided but were unable to find any suspects.

Eventually, 2 male residents, accompanied by lawyers, surrendered themselves to the authorities. However, the Department of Justice (DoJ) decided to drop all charges due to a “lack of evidence.”

On September 9, voluntary organization “1020 Dog Parents” and Pro-Democracy Lawmaker Claudia Mo held a press conference demanding the DOJ to reconsider bringing the charges. “The moral progress of a nation and its greatness should be judged by the way it treats its animals,” said Claudia Mo, quoting from Gandhi. She condemned the DOJ’s lukewarm attitude towards the incident and the absence of explanation. She said their protest may be of no avail. ”But if we don’t do anything, we’ll get nothing,” she added.

Source: InMedia #Sept10
#FailedState #DoJ #AnimalRights
#NSL #Interview

The Post-National Security Law Era

It has been over 2 months since the National Security Law came into effect in Hong Kong. Numerous people, from ordinary citizens to prominent activists, have already been arrested for violating this Law. The first person who was charged under the NSL is a 23 year-old man who drove his motorcycle into the police while carrying a pro-independence flag. He was denied bail and his application to challenge this decision was also turned down. A lawyer who has previously defended other protesters believes the NSL is unconstitutional and strips the defendant of rights to which he would have been entitled under the common law system.


Beijing hoses down its own vaccine propaganda

//mass vaccination would be unnecessary, as long as citizens keep wearing masks and maintain a safe distance from others in public venues.

//Beijing may have spread its propaganda too far and now must tell its people they would not need vaccines because their availability may not meet popular expectations.

//“Beijing may have realized that it can neither ensure absolute safety and effectiveness of its vaccines or ratchet up production in short order, so now it has to ask people like Gao to manage people’s expectations,”

//A colleague of Gao at CDC told state broadcaster China Central Television on Tuesday (September 15) that ordinary Chinese people can expect to get their shots as early as November.

//In August, Communist Party mouthpiece Guangming Daily quoted Liu Jingzhen, president of China National Pharmaceutical Crop (SinoPharm), as saying that the company, the largest state-owned drugmaker, could only turn out 200-300 million doses a year. 

//That output will fall short of domestic demand, not to mention Beijing’s pledges to donate vaccines to several Southeast Asian and African nations.

//in August Xinhua said in a feature story that the nation’s annual output would hit a billion doses.

//Hong Kong’s government has unveiled a scheme to procure doses for twice the entire city’s population. The city has reportedly budgeted more than HK$8.4 billion ($1 billion) for no less than 16.5 million doses from a wide swath of suppliers across mainland China and the West. 

Full article: Asia Times, (18-Sep)

#Vaccine #China #ChineseVaccine #Coronavirus

CCP announces plan to take control of China's private sector

//It had a long-winded title: "Opinion on Strengthening the United Front Work of the Private Economy in the New Era".
The ultimate goal is for the party to have ideological leadership of private enterprise.

//The statement seeks to improve CCP control over private enterprise and entrepreneurs through United Front Work “to better focus the wisdom and strengthen of the private businesspeople on the goal and mission to realise the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.”

//The party wants to see a "united front" between private enterprise and government business.

//private firms will need a certain amount of CCP registered employees, which is already a long-term practise in large private firms but not smaller ones.

//These cadres will make sure businesses follow the guiding ideology “Guided by Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era.”

//They will also guide private business people to enhance the latest CCP catchphrases

Full article: Asiatimes, (17-Sep)

#CCP #China #privatesector #UnitedFrontWork
PEN America Calls for Flagging US Films Piggybacked by Chinese Propagandists

Source: Apple Daily #Aug29

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PEN America Calls for Flagging US Films Piggybacked by Chinese Propagandists

Almost every six months, Americans are reminded once again of how communist China influences their popular culture. In Top Gun: Maverick, for example, the flag of the Republic of China on Tom Cruise’s jacket is made to disappear. But James Tager, author of a recent report on China’s cultural power published by the New York-based literary society PEN America, notes that Americans are apt to put behind China’s impact on the US cinema as irritated as they were at first.

In his report Made in Hollywood, Censored by Beijing, Tager points out that Beijing’s censorship works differently from that in the US, where sensitive material is simply cut out at the start of the editing process after the shooting is completed. With Chinese-style censorship, changes are, frustratingly, often not made clear at the outset and take place in the middle of the shooting. For the most part, though, it does not go as far as it did in MGM’s 2012 film Red Dawn, where digital technology had to be employed to change the Chinese villain into a North Korean in post-production.

But Tager adds that over time, writers and producers will start to engage in self-censorship. Seeing its futility, they will refrain from generating ideas, stories, or characters that break the rules. It is not easy to produce and distribute a film in Hollywood without taking into account the foreign market. Given also the plight the Wuhan virus pandemic has left the US in, the Chinese audience is increasingly important to American studios.

With a quota in place for foreign films distributed in China, competition among them is fierce. The last thing a studio wants is a potential mistake that leads to its production’s being kept out of release in China. It is unthinkable nowadays that a major studio would make a film like the 1997 thriller Red Corner, where a businessman, played by Richard Gere, is framed for murder by the Chinese Communist Party—let alone a film about pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong or China’s anti-Uyghur concentration camps. No studio would dare to take such a risk in face of the 1.4 billion Chinese consumers. It would be commercial suicide.

And not only does this shift prevents Chinese consumers from getting in touch with innovative ideas, but it also allows for a dictatorship to piggyback its propaganda onto American films. Take as an example the 2012 film Looper. Abe, the future leader of the killers played by Jeff Daniels, says to a younger killer, “I’m from the future; you should go to China.” The average viewer will not realize that this is propaganda, much less that it is a major victory for the Chinese government in its effort to increase its authority and elevate China’s status.

In view of this, Tager suggests putting a permanent label at the beginning of all films funded and, in turn, censored by China. It will serve as a warning that counteracts the brainwashing effect the film has on the audience—the same way the Motion Picture Association’s (MPA) rating, shown before every film, warns the audience of the film’s adult content and smoking scenes.

Source: Apple Daily #Aug29

#US #China #PENAmerica #Film #Culture #Propaganda #Diplomacy

China proposes Global Data Security Initiative, pledging not to monitor other countries and not to put "back doors" in their products.

Source: Stand News #Sep08

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China proposes Global Data Security Initiative, pledging not to monitor other countries and not to put "back doors" in their products.

According to the Chinese official media, Xinhua News Agency, its government presented the Global Data Security Initiatives (GDSI) at an international conference. Among the eight initiatives, there are calls to oppose the use of cyber technology to damage the infrastructure of other countries or steal important data; endanger the security of other countries; oppose the misuse of cyber technology to monitor other countries; collect personal data of citizens of other countries, and prohibit product and service providers from "installing backdoors in their provisions"; illegally obtaining user data, and controlling or manipulating user systems and equipment.

According to the Xinhua News Agency, China made the eight proposals at the "Seize the Digital Opportunity for Cooperative Development" conference in Beijing. Apart from the aforementioned initiatives, some other proposals include calling on countries to take a comprehensive and objective view on data security issues, opposing large-scale surveillance against other countries and not to request data located outside the country from enterprises or individuals without the permission of other countries' laws.

Source: Stand News #Sep08
#XinhuaNewsAgency #ChineseInternetTech #BackdoorTech
Lack of International Supervision on Tear Gas, Canadian Human Right Expert Urge to Ban as it can Spread Wuhan Virus

Source: Stand News #Sep08

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Lack of International Supervision on Tear Gas, Canadian Human Right Expert Urge to Ban as it can Spread Wuhan Virus

An International Human Right Project publication at the University of Toronto from last month said it is time to change the limitation for use of tear gas as the current law is no longer logical. The report pointed that tear gas could cause the spread of COVID-19.

Anti-riot agent, like teargas, has been banned from the means of wars in Chemical Weapons Convention since 1997. However, the law enforcement agencies in each country are not limited by this convention - they can use it in protests and riots. Last year, many places, such as Hong Kong, the U.S. Chile, Turkey, France, India and South Africa, broke out demonstrations, the law enforcement agencies had used teargas to disperse people for multiple times.

The International Human Right Project Team doubted that the governmentve has continuously overused dangerous teargas to prohibit citizens' freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.

Source: Stand News #Sep08
#WuhanVirus #CoronavirusPandemic #HumanRights #COVID19
Families of captured Hong Kong activists demand their return from Chinese detention

A group of Hong Kong families on Saturday (Sep 12) demanded the urgent return of their activist relatives detained last month by mainland Chinese authorities as they tried to flee the city by boat to Taiwan. This was their first public appeal for help, and it was supported by several pro-democracy activists.

Some were emotional, and they issued demands such as allowing the detainees to consult lawyers chosen by themselves, and also the access to medication for those of them with medical problems.

However, Chief Executive Carrie Lam said earlier this week that if they had been arrested for breaking mainland law, "then they have to be dealt with according to the mainland laws".

Source: Channel News Asia #Sep12

#Singapore #HongKong #Save12HKYouth #CarrieLam