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Help from Vietnamese - Karma between Hong Kong and Vietnamese

(21 Feb) During my trip at Poland, I was impressed at a meeting with some Hong Kong students who were studying at Poland. It was found a local powerful and sizable Vietnam syndicates fully supported the protest of Anti-extradition Bill held by Hongkongers at Poland, the local PRC students thus dared not to create disturbance. Such support was because the Vietnamese would like to thank Hong Kong for receiving Vietnamese refugees and eligible Vietnamese migrants years ago. Learning international relationship is so practicable!

Source: Simon’s Glos World by Simon Shen Facebook

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Pro-democracy Citizens: “As long as there is a Hongkonger with a burning heart to struggle on, we will never give up”

1755 | Mongkok
Citizens in protester outfit stood in different parts of the city to remind Hongkongers not to forget the injustice and violence that took place in the past eight months.

They encouraged their fellow citizens not to get numbed amidst the long way to "liberate Hong Kong" and to achieve the "revolution of our times".

“As long as there is a Hongkonger with a burning heart to struggle on, we will never give up.”

#YNWA #HongKongProtests

Two construction workers at Huoshenshan Hospital diagnosed and said they were provided less-quality masks. Foreman: poor hygiene at site, workers defecating and urinating in public space

(16 Feb) The Chinese government has confirmed two construction workers who worked at the Huoshenshan Hospital have been diagnosed with coronavirus. "Caixin.com" reported that while the cause of infection was still uncleared, it was reported that many workers at that time had fever and cough. Some foremen said that the sanitation situation at the construction site was very poor, as workers would urinate and defecate everywhere. Coupled with the deterioration in the quality of the masks they were given, they were expected to be infected.

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Source: Stand News

#Hunan #Huoshenshan #Coronavirus #Workers

Hubei declaration of independence on Twitter 1/2

Editor note:
This is a tweeter post from a Wuhan resident. She has been organizing an interim government that represents the people in Wuhan municipality and Hubei province. She hopes to achieve the ”five demands ” proposed by Wuhan netizens and has been calling for the independence of Wuhan, Hubei. The incident is related to the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan recently. Many Wuhan people are unsatisfied with how the local government handled the outbreak of the disease and thus demand improvements.

Summary: This article is about the reaction of the people in Wuhan towards the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in December. Most residents in Wuhan and Hubei province are unsatisfied with the local government as they reacted inappropriately towards the disease and further worsened the situation. Recently, a Wuhan netizen posted a declaration for the independence of Wuhan, Hubei and announced that the interim government of Wuhan, which is organized by them, has been established. She explained the reason behind the declaration and wrongdoings of the current government. She listed the five demands for Wuhan and called to the people to fight for their own rights.

At last, she restated the aim of this declaration and why they should try to change the current government. The five demands are:
1. Apologies from the police force to the eight citizens who have been summoned.
2. Hold the officials who concealed information about the disease to account according to the law.
3. Allow freedom of speech. Stop deleting people’s posts, banning and suspending accounts.
4. Lift the ban on rescue. There must not be monopolies controlling charity resources.
5. Modify the constitution and the president should be democratically elected.

Source: Twitter

#Wuhan #Hubei #FiveDemands
#Borders #ChinesePneumonia #Discrimination
Hong Kong Government's Discriminative Treatment: Open Borders with China; Ban Entry of Passengers from South Korea

Many people in Hong Kong asked, "What about China?".

On February 24, the Hong Kong government announced its policy of prohibiting passengers from South Korea, including those who have travelled to South Korea in the past 14 days, from entering Hong Kong starting from 6 am on February 25.

Until then, the Hong Kong-China borders remain open, despite the local population's vocal demands to have it closed.

As of February 24, there have been 833 cases of Wuhan pneumonia in South Korea and nearly 77,000 cases reported in China.

Meanwhile, China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism told PRC nationals not to go to the United States for the "unfair treatment" they would receive.

Source: Stand News; Now News
#Feb24 #ChineseDiplomacy #PRC #SouthKorea #HongKong
Hubei declaration of independence on Twitter 2/2

[Tweets content]
This is an order from the Wuhan interim government: all officials from Wuhan municipality and the Hubei province should break away from the control of the Communist Party of China. They should report duty to this interim government through secret or open channels, guard their current post and responsibility, be obedient to the instructions given by the interim government and wait quietly for reorganization.

The interim government has started its operations which include organizing congress meetings, drafting the Wuhan provisional constitution and arranging suffrage participated by all Wuhan and Hubei residents who are eighteen or above. This is to establish a council elected by the people.

[Photo content]
Wuhan interim government: Hubei declaration of independence (draft for asking opinions)
2nd February 2020 (be called for short: the 20200202 declarations)

// Mr. Chow Sin Wong publicly admitted that regarding the outbreak of the new coronavirus disease, ”as a local government”, he could only disclose information after he got reports about it and was authorized to do so. On the 28th of January, the general secretary of the Communist Party of China, Mr. Xi Jin Ping, said, “I have always been directing the control and prevention work of the plague myself and deploying the work myself.”

//the original government under the single-party system absolutely wouldn’t accept these five demands, like the Hong Kong government which still refused to consider the five demands suggested by the Hong Kong citizens.

⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ Full declaration

Source: Twitter

#Wuhan #Hubei #DeclarationOfIndependence #CoronavirusOutbreak
Lennon Wall Stands Undefiled Despite Attempts at Arresting Curators

2106 | Lennon Wall, Kwai Chung Estate
15 youngsters were arrested for curating the Lennon Wall in Kwai Chung Estate. Yet the Wall still stands undefiled.

"No one shall befall us if we stay vigilant and remember what we are fighting for."

#Feb24 #KwaiChung #LennonWall

Map shows surge in sulphur dioxide levels in Wuhan after coronavirus outbreak? FALSE

(20 Feb) A map has been shared tens of thousands of times in multiple posts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube which claim it shows elevated sulphur dioxide levels in Wuhan, the Chinese city at the epicentre of the novel coronavirus epidemic. The posts, published in multiple languages, claim the high levels of the gas could be evidence of mass cremation in and around the city. The claim is false; NASA, whose data was used to create the map, told AFP the imagery was created based on forecast figures of man-made sulphur dioxide emissions and volcano gas, not real-time satellite recordings.

Source: AFP Australia

#SO2 #Wuhan #CoronavirusOutbreak
#DailyUpdate #Feb24 #COVID19

COVID-19 Updates (24/2):

The total number of infected is now standing at 79744 where the number of deaths is now at 2629. 77345 confirmed cases and 2593 deaths are from mainland China.

This morning Wuhan announced non-Wuhan individuals were allowed to leave the city if they show no symptoms. However in the afternoon Chinese authorities clarified the measure was not agreed by higher officials, thus invalidating the earlier announcement.

The HKSAR government is arranging chartered planes to pick up Hong Kong citizens stranded in Hubei province. The first plane is picking up citizens in Wuhan.

Number of confirmed cases rose to 833 in South Korea; there was an increase of 231 in a single day. 8 deaths were reported.

The HKSAR government issued red travel alert to South Korea. From 25 Feb 6am onwards, non-Hong Kong residents from South Korea are banned from entry, residents returning from Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province are required to quarantine for 14 days.
(Throwback: Carrie Lam said fully closing borders with mainland China was discriminating Chinese on 31 Jan 2020, no travel alert was issued to China)

2 more individuals who had been to Fook Wai Ching She Buddhist temple in North Point were confirmed infected by COVID-19.

Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital confirmed that an infected patient requested to live in a single room for 4 times, 40 medical staff were required to receive quick test.

The epidemic is spreading in the Middle East region, confirmed cases are found in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon.

Total infected case in Italy rose to 219, 6 deaths were reported. The ongoing 2020 Venice Carnival was cancelled.

In Italy, 10 years storage of face masks was sold out in 10 days.

South Korea reported 70 more COVID-19 cases, bringing total to 833

More Diamond Princess Passengers confirmed infected by the coronavirus after returning to their home countries, including the United Kingdom, Israel and Hong Kong.

2 Japanese men were infected by the novel coronavirus after travelling to Indonesia in mid-February, however there was no confirmed cases in the country yet.

Experts expect warm weather in upcoming summer can stall the epidemic, however the most important point is to stop the infection chain in the society.

61 cases were confirmed and 12 cases were reported in Iran, leading Iran to be the country with second most deaths outside China.

Pakistan and Turkey closed borders with Iran over outbreak in Iran.

WHO said no longer used 'pandemic' category and it was “too early” to speak of a pandemic, but virus still emergency

WHO expert team stated the infected number increase by day in Wuhan has been halted, however the situation is still complicated.

Source: Now news, RTHK, Apple Daily, The Guardian, NHK, Reuters, Commercial Radio Hong Kong, World Meter, Ming Pao
#MTR #ChinesePneumonia
MTR Admits Staff as Suspected Case of Wuhan Pneumonia after Disclosed by "MTR Secrets"; Government: No information on hand

According to a "whistleblower" Facebook page "MTR Secrets" on February 23, a station manager working at Mong Kok East Station showed symptoms like fever and has been on leave since February 21. His father was a confirmed patient of Wuhan pneumonia. This is the reason why Mong Kok East Station was disinfected with bleach earlier.

After the post was released, MTR confirmed in the evening that the family of a staff member of Mong Kok East Station was diagnosed with Wuhan pneumonia, and the staff member was undergoing compulsory quarantine with his family.

Despite this, the Director of the Infectious Diseases of the Hong Kong government's Center for Health Protection, said in a press conference on February 23 that she did not have the information for the time being: "it seems that there is no such case on hand."

Source: Stand News
#Feb23 #Quarantine
24-year-old Sheryl Ng, patient of aplastic anaemia, in dire need for a lung transplant; Doctors: this is the only hope

Sheryl's parents are hoping for a kind-hearted donor to come forward, to "extend life with life".

One time, Sheryl phoned her from her hospital bed saying, "this disease is painful, but I don't want to die".

Sheryl's wish is simply "live a normal life, and perhaps go travelling".

Source: Stand News #Feb21

#LungTransplant #Hope

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24-year-old Hongkonger Combating Against Rare Disease: "This disease is painful, but I don't want to die!"

24-year-old Sheryl Ng is in dire need for a lung transplant to save her life; her doctors say that this is "Sheryl's only hope". Her family is appealing to the public with type O blood to donate both their lungs after death.

Sheryl is afflicted with aplastic anaemia, a disease which caused her body to produce insufficient blood cells. Ever since developing the condition in her teenage years, Sheryl has needed frequent blood transfusions to replenish her blood cells and platelets. After receiving a bone marrow transplant late last year, however, she suffered a complication known as pulmonary vein occlusion, blocking her blood circulation. She is now in ICU where her life is sustained by heart-lung machine.

Sheryl's mother describes her as a brave and strong woman, enduring years of frequent hospital visits without complaint.

One time, Sheryl phoned her from her hospital bed saying, "this disease is painful, but I don't want to die"; Sheryl still has a lot of fight left in her. Her father said that she went through difficult emotional struggles, at one point saying that she "wanted to die", but ultimately she wanted to fight for her life to the very end. Even now, he says, she continues to research online for new information on her disease.

Sheryl's parents are hoping for a kind-hearted donor to come forward, to "extend life with life". Ever since developing the disease, they said, Sheryl's daily life is filled with restrictions: she could not go on field trips with her high school class, and she would have breathing difficulties when riding planes, roller coasters, or even simply walking up stairs.

Sheryl's wish is simply "live a normal life, and perhaps go travelling".

Source: Stand News #Feb21

#LungTransplant #Hope
#FaceMasks #FailedState
Beijing Loyalists' Campaign to Give Masks Ends Up in Chaos in Hong Kong

The pro-Beijing camp in Hong Kong announced the establishment of an epidemic prevention group among themselves. In the inauguration on Sunday, February 23, the group claimed that 1 million masks would be given away to the disadvantaged and elderly.

Chan Chung-bun, deputy to the People's Republic of China, Ko Wing-man, the former secretary of the Food and Health Bureau, Regina Ip, the chairman of the New Democratic Party, and Ng Chau-pei, the president of the Federation of Trade Unions attended the ceremony.

However, a video went viral on the Internet showing the chaotic scene at Kowloon City's Kai Ching Estate, as citizens rammed for masks distributed by the group. People at the scene kept on shouting, "don’t wrest."

Source: Stand News #Feb23